Many years ago, before caravans, Salvadoran women and men believed in El Salvador. We should never forget the 75,000 women and men who sacrificed their lives throughout 12 years of civil war, nor the words of Saint Oscar Romero, who died at the altar, nor the thousands of innocent victims like the nameless children gunned down in the village of El Mozote. All these women and men believed a better El Salvador was possible.

After 26 years, the fact is that neither the civil war nor the Peace Accords addressed the country’s most pressing issues. The post-war era brought additional tragedy and challenges, including major earthquakes, government corruption (former president Antonio Saca is currently in prison for embezzlement charges) and gang violence and extortion.

Despite it all, caravans are not the answer for El Salvador.
There are still over 6,000,000 Salvadorans who have chosen to stay and live in their home country. They continue to resist lies and violence through hard work and a continued belief in healing their communities.

Here at the Tamarindo, we choose to join those Salvadorans in building a new El Salvador one person at a time. We are invested in building quality of life through local organizing and education that will in turn create safer neighborhoods for all. We believe that employment, business development, sport, recreation and the arts will open up new doors and perspectives. We believe Salvadorans should be able to live and thrive in El Salvador.
It is with great hope that we invite you on Tuesday November 27 to become part of our Giving Tuesday campaign by investing in the future of Salvadoran women and men.

Your generous gift will fund our programs in education, sports, arts, health, job creation and personal formation to provide real alternatives to caravans, gangs, violence and substance abuse.
Please join our efforts to ensure Salvadoran women and men can achieve their full potential and remain in El Salvador, prosper without violence and bloom in place.

May God Bless You,
The Tamarindo Foundation