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September 2018 | Vol. 12

Welcome to the "Writer With A View" newsletter where Eva Barrows
shares writing tips and her recent articles exploring the Bay Area and beyond.
Trivia: How do Monterey, CA locals refer to their bay?
(Read to the end of the newsletter to find out!)
Is a Daunting Writing Project
Holding You Back?
A feeling of dread washes over you when you read the next “to-do” on your schedule.
Write my website pages

Even though you scheduled two hours to work on writing your website, which should be enough time to make headway, you decide to check your emails again and take an extra-long lunch break.

When you check your schedule again, it’s time for the next to-do. Oh well, writing your website pages will have to be re-scheduled. After a momentary sense of relief knowing you can’t possibly squeeze in time for your website today, you realize that you’ll have to write the website pages at some point.

Before you block off another two hours to write your website, figure out the best way to break down this monumental task so that you’ll actually do it.

Give yourself a deadline. Some writing projects have deadlines attached but personal projects you can do “whenever” have a tendency to get done never, put an end date on it.

Break the project down into manageable tasks to sprinkle throughout your schedule. Any writing project you do can follow a similar writing process.

If you’re working on writing your website, list all of the pages you need to write. For each page you’ll need to set aside time for:

Research – gathering supporting info
Outline – bullet points of what you’ll cover and arranging in order
Rough Draft – turn bullet points into sentences
Writing – type up a clean draft
Editing – make notes on what needs to be changed
Clean up, Polish – make corrections, read through for clarity

Create the writing project timeline. After you’ve identified all of the tasks associated with your project, estimate how long each task will take. Working backward from the deadline, schedule time to get all of the tasks done.

Do the work of writing. Now that you have a comprehensive plan, you won’t have to think about the next step. Do each step as you planned out. You’re free to have fun as you work on completing each step.

Congrats! You met your deadline and wrote your web pages.

Try following this process the next time you need to write a project that freaks you out. Instead of giving up or putting it off - break it down and put it on your schedule in manageable portions and get it done.
FitNFabs Magazine Summer Issue Available Now!
While doing a little grocery shopping, I came upon the summer issue of FitNFabs Magazine at Draeger’s market in San Mateo.

I’m enjoying my time as Editor-in-Chief and am helping grow the FitNFabs community by bringing in new writers to our talented writer pool. The fall issue is on its way to the printer and will hit shelves soon!
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Affordable Southern California Vacation Spot Hides...

This year my husband and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary. Of course we'd have loved to jump in a plane and flown off to some exotic locale. But with time and financial restraints we had to be a little less lavish in our summer...

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From the web
I caught a bad case of wanderlust while researching this article for KOA. I looked up top things to-do in Yellowstone, Niagara Falls, New York City, New Orleans' French Quarter and Washington DC. Out of all these, I want to see Niagara Falls again. I visited once and was in awe of the powerful falls. The water, so clear and smooth in the wide river, thunders as it crashes over the horseshoe-shaped falls. It's such a magnificent natural wonder with never-ending potential for amazement!
Join me and the FitNFabs Community at:
Trivia Question Answered
When my husband and I were boarding the Monterey Bay Whale Watch boat, a crewman asked us where we are from. We responded “San Francisco Bay Area,” and he said, “Welcome to the better bay.” Ah, excuse me, does that mean people living near Monterey Bay think their bay is better than San Francisco Bay? No way!
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