Community Connection            September 10 , 2015
Construction Update on Tamiami Crossing and Front Entrance

Trees torn down. Flooded open areas. Debris strewn everywhere. The aftermath of Tropical Storm Erika? Not quite, but an accurate description of the new shopping center, Tamiami Crossing, construction going on across the street from Eagle Creek.
Why did the chicken cross the road? To see the new paver walk-way recently replaced at our front entrance. The final asphalt topcoat of roadway is soon to be applied and will end the current puddling when rain water collects.

For those concerned about the new designated turn lane into the entrance of Eagle Creek, here is the view looking south towards Marco Island. It is substantial and lengthy by anyone's standard and should allay any fears that it would be too sudden or short based on the temporary lane used during construction. It, too, is scheduled for final topcoat and lane striping in the near future.