Tampa Bay Abortion Fund
TBAF directly supports the women in our
community who cannot afford their choice
Our Services:
Financial Assistance
Abortion Care Packages
Tampa Bay Abortion Fund is registered for this year's
This is the largest annual fundraising event for NNAF members!

TBAF and NNAF are closely monitoring CDC recommendations on social distancing. The good news is Abortion Access supporters do not need to leave their house to participate in Fund-a-Thon!
Sign up to be a virtual fundraiser here .

We have two in person events planned:

The League of Women Voters, St. Petersburg is hosting a
Bowl-a-Thon April 26th at Ten Pin Lanes in South Pasadena.
We will keep participation to under 50 people, but you can support remotely! Please monitor the event page for updates on cancellations and/or the CDC for updated event recommendations.
Event Details here .

We are also hosting a Roll-a-Thon for anyone who likes to roll for the
entire month of April ~ cycle, segway, skate, skateboard - you get the idea!
This event will be in multiple small-sized groups (under 20) and everyone will have their own 'ride' so we don't anticipate any cancellations.
Event Details here .

How can you help us #BuildPower and #FundAbortion in Tampa Bay?

Our TBAF goal for Fund-a-Thon 2020 is $10,000.
NNAF's national goal is $2.5 million.
Our goal of $10,000 will help us cover 25 abortions in Tampa Bay!
Abortion Education
Do you work with marginalized communities in Tampa Bay?
Please share information on both the Tampa Bay Abortion Fund
and on the Abortion Pill .
TBAF Stats YTD 2020
Callers = 36
(from Duval, Hernando, Hillsborough, Lake, Orange,
Orlando, Miami-Dade, Pasco, Pinellas, Seminole)
Procedures funded = 18
Procedures referred* = 11
Out of state procedures= 4

*TBAF refers callers to other funds when we are out of funds. Thanks to the NNAF network, TBAF has never had to say no to a caller.

Following social distancing periods (whether caused by coronavirus, holidays, snow days...) requests for abortions skyrocket.
TBAF will be ready to help, thanks to all of you.
How can YOU help keep abortion #SafeLegalAccessible!
Safe Legal Accessible Abortion