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Tanenholz & Associates Opens New Review Center

Tanenholz & Associates has moved to a new location in downtown Washington, D.C. adjacent to City Center.  The new office suite surrounds a review center featuring spacious workstations with oversized dual HD monitors to accommodate up to 25 review attorneys.   
"We are committed to optimizing the discovery process for our clients, and a crucial aspect of that effort is providing our attorneys with the tools they need to review as efficiently as possible," said firm founder David Tanenholz.  "With our new workstations, we've seen significant gains in review speed at every level of review."
New Director

As the team settles into the new space, other changes are afoot as well - the firm's former Director of Managed Review, Bill George, has moved on to a position with T. Rowe Price in Baltimore.  "In the five years I worked for Tanenholz & Associates, we've really seen e-discovery and managed review take off as an industry, and I'm proud to have had the opportunity to help lead a discovery firm so far ahead of the game."   
As the firm's new Director of Managed Review, Charles Marr will continue to ensure that clients' needs continue to be met by the firm's signature high standard of service.  In addition to overseeing all active review projects, the Director helps the firm navigate the ever-changing legal, technological, and economic landscape of eDiscovery. As a former COO and General Counsel, and a newly CEDS certified ediscovery specialist, Charles believes in a holistic approach to review optimization.
"Review efficiency is all about intelligent implementation of technology at each stage of the review. For example, at the outset of a review, we employ advanced text analytics to identify key and potentially privileged documents. We also use these features to prioritize concept development, group document clusters to maximize review efficacy and accuracy, track attorney performance, and execute rigorous quality controls." said Mr. Marr.  
Tanenholz Hosted Relativity

In October, Tanenholz & Associates unveiled its newest service offering: Relativity hosting and support. "After familiarizing ourselves with the services and pricing of support vendors, we realized that we could provide the same services at lower prices than outside providers could. By hosting the data and providing the review platform directly to the client, we are able to further lower client costs and simplify ownership of the review process," said Mr. Tanenholz. "Starting a review project is now as simple as sending us the data."

Is document review always the practice of law?  We recently revisited this question on our blog after an appeals court breathed new life into contract attorney David Lola's overtime suit against Skadden Arps.  Predictably, our attorneys had a lot to say about the subject:

"It is possible that Lola's review merely required him to determine responsiveness and not privilege, but even so, Lola underestimates the task of determining responsiveness - it is not merely based on highlighting. Document review is the backbone of the discovery process, and considering that cases are won or lost in the discovery phase, Lola is underestimating how important the document review process is to making or breaking a case."
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