Monday, June 18, 2018
This event is a special final fundraiser for Tango Con*Fusión Dance Company. We only need $1K more to reach our 24k goal for sending our 8 dancers on our European Tour. Come enjoy the live music of Seth's Sexteto - TCF will be performing our European tour set! Help us by attending class at 7pm, shopping in our boutique and purchasing 50/50 raffle tickets. If you can't attend but want to help out - donate via our  Go Fund Me campaign or via our  TCF Paypal  - ALL donations tax deductible 501c3.
Hosted by DEBBIE & JOHN

7-8:15pm - Tango class with Christy Cote & Debbie Goodwin of Tango Con*Fusión 

Changes of Directions/Alterations

8:15pm-11pm - Milonga
Live Music
Seth Asarnow y Su Sexteto Tipico
DJ: John Campbell

9:45pm Performance by the all female Tango company, Tango Con*Fusión  

Plus the popular Tango Con*Fusión Boutique selling new and previously worn Tango clothes and shoes

TCF Dancer Highlight
• • Rose Vierling • • 
How long have you been with TCF
I have been dancing with TCF since 2013.

When did you start dancing tango
I took my first tango class in 1999.

When did you start leading tango?
I started learning to lead in 2004.

What is your role in TCF?
I am a dancer, choreographer and serve as the companies fundraising director!

What do you hope TCF will develop and experience in the next couple of years?
I hope that TCF will continue to look at creating dance that both expresses what is going on in our world today and looks for new creative ways to bring tango into other arenas of dance.

What are you most excited about for the Europe 2018 Tour?
I’m looking forward to dancing and talking with dancers from all over the world. When creative people interact they can inspire and ignite new ideas.

What ways can the community help assist TCF and the 2018 Euro Tour?
We dance because we love it, like all artist and groups we exist because of the support of community and financial sponsors.

What is your favorite tango song right now?
Bomboncito by Romantica Milonguera

When are you performing again?
I will be performing June 22nd at Alma del Tango and would love for everyone to come support us, as we perform our pieces that we will be taking to Europe.
You can always check out our website for  upcoming performances  or view some of our past performances  here ! I
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Tango Con*Fusión's Mission is to
Create ground-breaking work and promote the advancement of women through Tango.  
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