March 14-24 - fantastic weather of autumn in Argentina! This time we are inviting Tangueros and Tangueras of all levels .

This is a babies trip. Our Tango Babies - YOU!
Our idea is to show you places and show you how to function in Buenos Aires so next time you can just go all by yourself. We will show you where to take classes (taught most of the time all day every day in both Spanish and English), which Milongas to go, what means of transportations to use and how to move around without knowing any Spanish, where to shop and more!

Price: $2450/person (payment plan available) plus the cost of your flight . If you are a Follower or Leader that wish to have a personal TAXI DANCER for Milongas and/or classes - there will be additional cost to secure local dance partner.

What's included in the price: pick up from airport, hotel (double occupancy room with fully equipped kitchen, swimming pool in the hotel), classes, practicas, milongas, shows, CITA, tours, snacks/food and drinks at the Milongas, shopping guidance and great company!  
We believe it is great experience for both Leaders and Followers. Taxi Dancers are usually local teachers and performers, which means they are very good! Can you imagine what happens when for 10 days you dance 3 hrs a day with someone Really Really GOOD? By osmosis tango just floats into you!

We do not recommend securing Taxi Dancers for classes . Classes are open and so there are other people that you can partner with.

For the Milongas though - you will have So Much Fun if you have a Taxi Dancer!

How does it work? The minimum booking time is 3 hrs, which means - you will be in the Milonga for at least 3 hrs and dance. Milongas in Buenos Aires go till 3-4am. And we usually book Taxi Dancers from 11 or 11:30pm. So get ready for some Nightlife! We do not assign dancer to the person but rather have them 'rotate' between all involved. And so - you can share 2-4 dancers between say 4 ladies. This way you get to try all of them and also it is not immediately obvious to all others that you are with the Taxi and so it is more likely you will be asked by other people that had seen you on the Dance Floor.

Taxi Dancer does not dance every tanda, unless they want to. They are not dance machines they need to rest too. So plan for every second tanda or 2 tandas danced and one resting.

Even though it sound weird Taxi Dancers is a great experience for Leaders too! 'Why?' you ask. - It is very hard to get the Argentinian lady to dance with you even though she saw you dancing. She will not risk bad dance and also ruining her own image by looking bad on the floor. After all - she lives there. So what happens - you as a Leader will get all tadnas you want from Foreigners just like you. If that does not bother you - then you are all set. If you want to dance with Argentinian ladies and get influenced by their spirit - we recommend booking Female Taxi Dancers and hopefully after few days the word will spread how good you are and the line of ladies will form to dance with you :-)))
Pretty Accurate Schedule
That Might Change
Schedule might change because if we planned for one Milonga but then we learn that there is live music like La Juan D'Arienzo, Romantica Milonguera, Sexteto Milonguero, Los Rejes del Tango, Herederos del Compas, Color Tango or some other great group playing somewhere else - then we go... somewhere else :-)

Also - the economy in Buenos Aires is nor very stable so for example the show can get canceled or replaced.

It is also personality of a group. We might discover that we like shipping so we go more shopping, we like more sightseeings so we do that more, and so on.

Overall it is a group experience so please allow some room for dealing with your friends and us :-)

We recommend you pick the flight that gets you to Buenos Aires between 9 -11am. Sleep during the flight. We are starting right away! Also - do not bring bags full of clothes - we are going SHOPPING!!!!!! You, gentlemen, too!!!

VERY IMPORTANT: The plan above is an idea.  If anything closes or drastically increases the prices - we will just change the plans accordingly. Right now all those places are open and we are actively talking with the organizers negotiating the best options.

Some attractions only function on specific days – for example San Telmo market happens ONLY on Sundays and only from 10-4pm - so you do it or you loose it.

Teatro Colon is famous not only for its Ballets, Operas, Spectacles and Concerts but also for its amazing architecture. You can see the show or just go on the tour. We recommend the show.

If you wish to schedule private lessons with local instructors - let us know and we can arrange that. However as you see the plan is pretty busy - so maybe it's a good idea to take advantage of the plan and save private lessons for your next trip. Trust me - when you go by yourself all of the sudden you will have a looooot of time on your hands. With us - you will be sleep deprived, feel like you running like crazy and don't have time for anything. Well - that's the goal! It's kind of expensive so you want your money working :-)))))
Questions? Doubts? Tango depression?  Contact us.  We are here to help. We believe Tango is a magical dance. It will change your life. For better.


Anita & Hernan & Aurelia
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347-228-7856 - Anita

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