Tannenbaum's May Newsletter
The month of April was a little different for us. With a late snowstorm, we saw about 19 inches of snow in the middle of April. While it is not unusual for us to get snow in April, it was unusual to get so much at one time. After being closed for two days and some serious shoveling we were back on track. Ready to greet customers, receive shipments, and continue to gear up for our season. We are happy to report the snow is melting and spring really is coming to Door County! Just this week, the highs are in the 40s-50s. Spring had a minor setback, but with plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures May is a great time to visit Door County.
Happening in Door County this month.....
May 5 Door County Half Marathon and Nicolet 5K
May 5-6 Self Guided Potter's Guild Tour
May 5 Sturgeon Bay Shipyard Tours
May 12 Blossom Run, Door County YMCA
May 12 Cabelas North American Bass Circuit
May 12 Earth day Work Day, Newport State Park
May 12 80s Prom, Maxwelton Braes, Baileys Harbor
May 13 Happy Mother's Day
May 18-19 Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament
May 18-20 Washington Island Bird Festival
May 19-20 Ellison Bay Spring Art Crawl
May 19 Sister Bay Village Wide Rummage Sale
May 19 Baileys Harbor Blessing of the Fleet Festival
May 19 Scottie Parade, Baileys Harbor
May 24-27 Door County Festival of Nature, The Ridges
May 26-27 Jacksonport Maifest
May 26-27 Fine Art Fair, Sunset Park, Sturgeon Bay
Sale room Sale
For the month of May we are working on cleaning out the Sale Room. This means extra savings for you! For the month of May, the Sale Room will be 75% rather than the 50% it usually is. The room is overflowing with retired Department 56 villages, Christopher Radko ornaments, Williraye (they are downstairs but still on sale), and so much more. We have some of the larger pieces listed on our website, but there is so much more in the store. It is a great time to venture upstairs and check out the Sale Room!
This month we put our retired Snowbabies on sale. With over 15 styles marked down 50% (and for the month of May they are 75% off), this is a great time to pick some up for you or a friend. With adorable faces and sweet poses. Snowbabies are perfect in a collection or by themselves.
Wedding Season
Are you looking for the perfect wedding present? One of our favorite collections is the Old World Bridal Collection. This beautiful gift box comes with 12 glass ornaments to ensure happiness for the couple's life together. There is also a certificate to write a message to the couple and information detailing the meaning behind each of the ornaments. For example, t he flower bouquet ensures good wishes, rabbit ensures hope and faith, teapot ensures hospitality, and the heart ensures true love.
If you are looking for something smaller, we would suggest the Christopher Radko bride and groom ornament, called An Altered State. This ornament features a bride and groom sharing a loving embrace. The groom is dressed in a tux complete with top hat and gold accents. The bride is wearing a traditional wedding dress with silver accents. This ornament would be a wonderful gift to celebrate any couples big day.
Cooking boas
We mentioned our cooking boas last month, but after hearing the feedback from our customers we thought we would mention them again. These cooking boas are meant to be worn while you are working in the kitchen. With heat resistant material at the ends of the boa, means you can use it to pull items out of the oven or the microwave. No more having to look for a hot pad, with the cooking boa you will always have one at your fingertips. The rest of the boa is made of cotton and is perfect to dry your hands as you make your favorite meal or treat. With 6 different styles it is a must have accessory for every cook and baker. These also make a wonderful mother’s (or grandmother’s) gift! Order yours today to get it in time for Mother’s Day!
2018 David Frykman Exclusive
This year’s Frykman exclusive is called “ Door County’s Finest Santa .” This Santa is ready to set down and enjoy a fine bottle of wine from a local winery. This Santa also highlights another one of Door County’s finest establishments, the Tannenbaum Holiday Shop. In honor of our 40th anniversary, this Santa has the image of the Tannenbaum Holiday Shop with a sign recognizing that we were established in 1978. As always, these Santas will be signed and numbered. This Santa is expected to arrive the beginning of August, but we are taking preorders now!
Have you met Flappy, our singing elephant? Flappy is a delightful elephant that sings “Do Your Ears Hang Low” and flaps his ears and wiggles. Flappy also plays "Peek-a-Boo" and uses his ears to cover his eyes. You can start and stop Flappy with a press of his foot. The surface of Flappy is washable. Flappy is a great item for a new baby, young child, or anyone young at heart.
Byers Choice Carolers
More spring Carolers are coming this May! With light, soft colors these new carolers are just what you need to bring a little spring to your home. One of our favorite new families, is the Lavender family. This Lavender Lady, man, girl, and boy have just finished celebrating the Lavender Festival in Door County. Dressed in beautiful blues and purples, each family member is carrying home stems of lavender to enjoy the rest of the summer.
To compliment this family, we have the Flower Girl and the Flower Shop Woman. Her dress is adorned in flowers and is complete with a white apron and straw hat. This lovely girl has been busy working in her garden and is carrying a basket of flowers. The Flower Shop Woman is dressed in green and white plaid dress and carrying a build board advertising her local flower shop. In addition, she is carrying bouquets of roses and calla lilies. Complete this look with the Spring Fence. This white picket fence is adorned with flowers and a small bird. 
Wedding time is coming to Byers Choice, this new Bride and Groom are excited for their big day. The bride is dressed in a traditional white gown and carrying a bouquet of calla lilies. The Groom is dressed in a tux complete with top hat, boutonniere, and pocket watch.
Department 56 - Dickens Villages
We have started to receive our Department 56 Village pieces. This month, we are featuring the new houses/stores in the Dickens' Village collection. Centuries ago, churches were often the center of community in England. As such, townspeople sacrificed much so that their place of worship would be a fine, lasting tribute to God.  Duniway Abbey is a fine example of beautiful small community church. Golden crosses, slate tile roof and flying buttresses supporting the tower are some of the unique features. To coordinate with this is A Warm Welcome, which depicts a clergyman has finished lighting the sign.
Now over 500 years old, Hampton Court Palace is one of the most interesting historical attractions in London. Remolded and added to by several monarchs, including Henry VIII and William III, Hampton Court boasts different architectural styles from Tudor to Baroque.   Many details of this design are unsurpassed, including the fancy brickwork of the chimneys. The palace includes 2 sections of fencing, featuring the infamous “King’s Beasts”, positioned to guard the moat. To finish off this look, is Victoria And Albert, a wonderful depiction of Queen and Prince Consort during their prime.
This latest addition to the Dickens Village Series was inspired by the life of Charles Dickens himself. When Charles was young, his father had to spend time in the Marshalsea Debtors’ Prison for bills gone unpaid. This was a not an uncommon occurrence for many struggling families. The impression left on Charles was so great that much of his writing was to help increase awareness of social hardships. This is a limited edition piece, each one is hand-numbered. To accessorize this prison, Department 56 created Many Happy Returns , which depicts a sad girl becomes filled with glee when the police man returns her lost kitten.
Travel by horse-drawn carriage was long and slow in the 1800s. The day often ended long before the journey was over.  The Three Lemons Inn was a welcome place to rest for the evening. Travelers enjoyed a warm meal in the dining room and comfortable bed upstairs. Meanwhile, stable hands would tend to the houses in the adjoining barn. To complete the look, Evening Arrival , shows a couple dressed in fine travel clothes. The man carries the luggage as the couple arrive.
Beginning in the Netherlands in the mid 1700’s, Toby Jugs spread to England soon after.  Olde Pearly’s Toby Jugs , is a delightful storefront featuring drinking mugs that are formed in a shape to resemble a well-known person, either in a seated position, or just the head of the character. To finish off this look is Toby Street Vendor , who is wearing a sandwich board trying to draw in customers.
Twelfth Night depicts stories related to the characters and traditions around The Twelve Days of Christmas. During the 1800s, prior to television, or even radio, entertainment at home depended on playing music, singing, and dancing. At high society parties, ladies dressed in bright colored dresses to showcase their elegant ballroom moves. Young women may have learned the traditional steps at a place like the Nine Ladies Dance Conservatory. This animated building includes 3 dancers twirling around a musician on the rooftop balcony. Rich European architecture, including the Mansard roof and bay windows enhance this beautiful addition to Twelfth Night. Coming to the Conservatory is An Elegant Evening Out, a couple, dressed in their finest head for a wonderful dinner party where’s there is sure to be dancing. Bright ballgowns helped the ladies stand out in a candlelit dining room.
We know the importance of having accessories to help finish off your display. This year the Dickens collection has three accessories that would coordinate with any of these village pieces. First is the Dickens' Village Gate , this gate features 2 lit lanterns at the entrance. Door replicates an iron gate designed to complement the architecture of this series. Logo type sign welcomes both residents & visitors to this charming place we know & love as Dickens’ Village. Second is the Victorian Sign Painter , this painter is busy changing out the local advertising. With signage elevated high upon a pole, the advertisement could be seen from down the lane. Bells would ring in the breeze, drawing attention to the hand painted message above. Finally, we have two friends stop to ring in the holidays with a toast for 2. Cheers! is a delightful piece of two friends enjoying the holidays.
Tannenbaum's Reading Corner
This month's book is " Baileys Harbor Range Lights Rascal," by Sue Steckart Jarosh (the author of the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Mouse). Built in 1869, the Range Lights are the only lighthouses, of this design on the range, that still function as navigational aids. This book depicts life living at the lighthouse in 1882 as Captain George Larson and his wife and two sons became keepers of the lighthouse. All our books have been signed by the author.
This month our hours are changing. We will now be open seven days a week from 10am to 5pm.
Gift Certificate
This month's winner of a $50 gift certificate is ..... Michelle Beebe. Congratulations!
Last month, we may have gotten a little excited for Spring, but this month we can tell things are going to be different (or hopefully at least a little less snowy)! Plus we are a still getting in new merchandise, which means big changes coming to the inside of the store. We hope that May will be the month you are able to get up to Door County for a visit.

We'll be waiting for you!
Sue Ann and Ron Flittner

Tannenbaum Holiday Shop
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