January 2020  Newsletter
Good News-  The Tanners Vintage,  Antiques and Crafts Show 
July 25th and 26th at the Reno Sparks Convention Center
The Convention Center has approved the July show.  I don't know what the requirements will be and it will depend on conditions at the time.
I'm sending this to get a feel for what the vendors and visitors want.
Please drop me an email and let me know what you think.

The July show signups are open. click for Tanners Vendor Info Page
It is confusing since we had to cancel the May show so if you signed up for May please let me know by phone or email if you do or don't want to do the July show.

For the July Show we will be in hall "A" at the North end of the Convention Center
 It is best to park in the North Lot - Next to the Atlantis.

Tell the parking attendant you are going to Tanners

Happy Fathers Day!
Happy Fathers Day!
Napoleon III ormolo-mounted marble mantel clock_ signed Raingo Freres_Paris_ circa 1870_ overall dimensions 26 1/8 x 22 7/8 x 8 5/8in. Realized $16,500 + buyer"s premium in 2020. Image courtesy of Shapiro Auctions and LiveAuctioneers

NEW YORK - From time immemorial, mankind has been mesmerized by the glint of glimmering gold. Ancient Egyptians overlaid royal mummy cases and furniture with thin gold leaf; Chinese artisans adorned pottery, wood, textiles and decorative figurines with gilt designs. Greeks gilded marble statues and architectural elements, while Romans gilded temple and palace walls with this rare, highly malleable metal.

During the Renaissance, Italian craftsmen gilded sword blades and hilts, while masters, like Ghiberti (1378-1455) and Donatello (circa 1386-1466), created magnificent, religious-themed, gilt works of art. Ornamental gilt furnishings, however, became fashionable among French royalty and well-to-do centuries later. Their description - gilt-bronze or ormolu (literally "ground-gold") - reflects their ancient method of production, fire-gilding.
Gilt French Sword

After metal decorative items were designed, molded and cast, they were tooled in a variety of textured surfaces. This ensured that finished products would feature lively interplays of light.
In gilding, the final step, craftsmen coated these with an amalgam of ground-gold and mercury. As they were heated over open fires, the mercury vaporized, leaving a thin, dull, pure gold film behind. Subsequent waxing, refiring and burnishing to brightness created pieces that rivaled the richness of solid gold. Yet they were more durable, less costly, and considerably lighter in weight.

Like the Mad Hatter in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, however, fire-gilders suffered from exposure to the vaporized mercury. Stricken with "gilder's palsy," manifested by tremors, jerky gaits, stammering and "mercury madness," few lived past the age of 40. Although France banned mercury-based artistic techniques in the 1830s, ormolu production continued. In fact, luxurious French ormolu remained the foundation of European decorative art through the early 20th century.
Louis xv gilt console, baroque ormolu-mounted

Designers closely followed evolving styles of French interior design. During the flamboyant reign of King Louis XIV (1643-1715), master cabinetmakers, fashioning exquisite furniture, for wealthy clientele, replaced functional bronze elements, protecting corners, cabinet keyholes and table feet, with ornamental ormolu-mounts. Since affluent clientele sought to flaunt their wealth, these soon became integral parts of furniture design itself.

Through the reign of Louis XV (1715-1774), fine furniture ormolu-mounts and fittings, shaped like shells, vines, flowers or leaves, were decorative in their own right. They not only enhanced the general appearance of luxury writing-tables, marquetry-cabinets and bureaus. By accenting borders and edges, they also emphasized their stylish scrolling and serpentine shapes. Craftsmen also created lavish ormolu-mount pieces, like vases, sculptural clocks, wall sconces and firedogs (decorative andirons). Craftsmen, "gilding the lily," also enhanced extravagant Sevres porcelain with ormolu-mounts.
Pair of monumental gilt bronze mount Sevres urns ormolu mount base overall 36in high. Realized $40,000 _ buyer's premium in 2018. Image courtesy of Clars Auction Gallery and LiveAuctioneers

In the reign of Louis XVI (1774-1792), decorative ormolu-mounts embellished a wide range of pieces, including cabinet-on-stands, commodes and credenzas. Ormolu-mounts also transformed functional candlesticks, candelabras and chandeliers into fonts of shimmery, lustrous light. Richly ornamented, ormolu-mount clocks were coveted eye-catchers as well. These were so impressive that, to this day, "Louis XVI-style" creations remain the height of elegance.

Toward 1800, fine ormolu-mounts, resembling garlands, tied ribbons, drapery and classical figures, not only embellished worktables, salon-chairs and consoles. They also adorned smaller pieces like vases, jewelry boxes, inkstands, urns and crystal centerpieces. Similarly, architectural mantel clocks gleamed with ormolu-mount sculptures of Cupids, Greek warriors and winged goddesses. Toward mid-century, remarkable ormolu-mount mantel clocks even depicted highly ornate, spired fa├žades of French Gothic cathedrals.

Rare 19th century French bronze clock_ Cathedral de Reims_ upon ormolu mount step base 30 x 18 x 18in. Realized $6,000 + buyer's premium in 2007. Image courtesy of Kaminski Auctions and LiveAuctioneers

Because these creations have little melt-down value, many have survived. Since certain models appeared repeatedly, mounts were fraudulently cast, and regilded older pieces appear as new, however, dating them may prove problematic. Though few are signed, some may be identified by their quality, contemporary descriptions or study of existing models. French ormolu clocks, on the other hand, sometimes bear names of their gilders, casemakers, dial makers and enamelers.

Thank you to Jasper52, Weekly Auctions for Exceptional Items:
Save $1.00
off  Show Admission
Bring this Coupon, New Socks or a can of  food for St. Vincents and get $1.00 off your 

We are constantly striving to improve the shows so if you have any ideas please let one of us know.  Also please tell all your friends about the show to help our LOCAL small businesses.
Below is the schedule of upcoming 
2020 Schedule
Feb. 15,16  Hall A
May 30,31   CANCELED
July 25,26   Hall A
Sept 26,27   Hall A
Oct 31, Nov 1   Hall F
Magic of Santa Craft Faire Dec 5,6
I'm sorry if any of the dates conflict with other shows,
I do my best to work around them
I'm also constrained by available dates at the Events Center

Please remember to shop at our show and small local stores for unique gifts. The antique stores I list here and places like the Buy Nevada First store in the Reno Town Mall are excellent places to shop and it helps your LOCAL neighbors.

Places to Stay:

Ramada Reno Hotel and Casino, (Tanners Host Hotel)
1000 East 6th Street, Reno, NV 89512, 775-786-5151
Ramada Website
Click Here To See The Ramada Special Offer
The Ramada will reserve a block of rooms for us at a greatly discounted rate of $60 per night plus taxes.
To book your rooms, Please call the hotel directly at 775-786-5151
and ask for the Hotel Desk. The booking company doesn't know about the discounts.
Please call in advance.

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa (Next to the Convention Center)
3800 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502

Econo Lodge Reno-Sparks Convention Center 
1885 South Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89502
(775) 329-1001

Sands Regency Hotel Casino
345 N. Arlington Avenue, RENO, NV 89501, 775-348-2200
Let's make this a fun forum to keep interest and excitement up for the shows!
If you have a story or article subject you would like shared please contact me.

To ensure you get our emails please add our 'From Address' in your address book,  trusted sender list or approved sender list  
(whatever the name may be in your email client). 
 It is dan@antique-antics.com

Dan and Paula Clements 
Tanners Marketplace  
P.O. Box 618, Fernley NV  89408  
Email Dan Clements  dan@antique-antics.com
Dan and Paula Clements
Your Hosts
Dan and Paula Clements
Let your Friends Know
   Forward this Newsletter to your friends to let them know about the show.    
Suggest they sign up for their own newsletter by joining our Mailing List.

The list will only be used for Tanners emails and not sold etc.

Show Schedule
Tanners Marketplace :
At the Reno Sparks Convention Center
Feb 15,16 2020 Hall A
May 30-31  Hall F
July 25-26 Hall A
Sept 26,27 Hall A
Oct 31 - Nov 1 Hall F

Magic of Santa Craft Faire:
Dec. 6th and 6th  Hall A

Click below for the Facebook page

Please visit the 
Somewhere In Time Antique Mall 
at 1313 S. Virginia St. Reno NV
(Paula and Dan are there on Mondays)

Weekly Auctions
Auctions by Sammy B
Lightning Auctions
A Fun Antiques and Clothing Store

Click for Website

Old Tales of Nevada
Past and Present
7:00 Sunday Mornings
Charter 695
Over the air 8.3

In the Costco Center on Plumb lane
Waterford and Swarvoski Crystal,
Myra Bags, Willow Tree, Root Candles
Lizzi James, Larimar


Buy Nevada First
Gift store in Reno Town Mall

 The above vendors are listed as a local resource.  They have not paid to be featured.

Teacher (on phone): You say Michael has a cold and can't come to school today? To whom am I speaking?
Voice: This is my father.

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"Oh, nothing," the boy said. "There was a bug in your soup, but now it's gone."

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"Daddy, if the tigers got out and ate you up..."
"Yes, son?" the father asked, ready to console him.
"...Which bus would I take home?"

Science teacher: When is the boiling point reached?
Science student: When my father sees my report card!

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A coconut on vacation.

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Hot water.

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A palm tree!

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Where is pop corn?

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A bat

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It waves!

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I Scream.

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The Baaa-hamas.

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The scales.

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