March 2019  Newsletter
WE MOVED! The Next Tanners Vintage and Craft Show is 
MAY 11th and 12th at the big Reno Sparks Convention Center
Our next show is May 11th and 12th 
at the Reno Sparks Convention Center in South Reno

We will be in hall "F" at the South end of the Convention Center for the May show. It is best to park in the South Lot - use the Kietzke Lane entrance.

Tell the parking attendant you are going to Tanners

If you need a hotel room please book it as early as you can. 
Reno rooms sometimes fill up quickly in the summer.
Links are at the bottom of this email.
Who doesn't LOVE an Estate Sale???? 
   How about a bunch of them all in one Room?  If you love going to annual events like The Doctor's Wives Rummage Sale (which is no more BTW) and Hidden Valley Yard Sale in Reno because you enjoy finding vintage and "old Reno" things -as well as hard to find unique decor at Awesome prices-- then you have to come to Tanners Marketplace! 

   Tanners Marketplace is the only long term "Pop-Up" vintage/antique sale in Reno (since 1976, 43 years!).  The show that is coming up May 11th and 12th is special because we are re-booting in a new location - The Big Reno Sparks Convention Center.  New customers, New dealers (plus your old favorites) and lots of sharing the past with residents and visitors".   

This is Mothers Day weekend so take MOM out for a treat and come to the Tanners Marketplace Mothers Day show!

We are constantly striving to improve the shows so if you have any ideas please let one of us know.  Also please do anything you can to increase awareness of the show and get our attendance up.

Below is the schedule of upcoming 
2019 Schedule
Starting in May we will be at the big Reno-Sparks Convention Center, 4590 S. Virginia St. 
May 11th and 12th  
Rooms F1-F8

July 27th and 28th Rooms A1-A6
Sept 21th and 22nd
 Rooms A1-A6

Nov 23rd and 24th
 Rooms A1-A6
Magic of Santa Craft Faire Dec 14th and 15th
 Rooms A1-A6
I'm sorry if any of the dates conflict with other shows,
I do my best to work around them
I'm also constrained by available dates at the Events Center

Please remember to shop at our show and small local stores for unique gifts. The antique stores I list here and places like the Buy Nevada First store in the Reno Town Mall are excellent places to shop and it helps your LOCAL neighbors.
   It is difficult to comprehend that some of our smallest works of antique art, including vinaigrettes, took their inspiration from disease, foul odors and fleas, and yet, the facts are indisputable.

Imagine a typical overcrowded 18th or 19th century city without plumbing facilities, where human and animal refuse littered the streets, and animals roamed freely. Consider the multiple layers of heavy cotton or wool-clothing people wore during hot days as well as cold and how rarely those same people bathed, if at all. There was little oral hygiene and no hygienic paper products. There were no wash machines, multiple changes of clothing, and no routine garbage collection. It was a world where flea-ridden rodents ruled.

Cows had fleas, horses had fleas, dogs and cats had fleas, so did people - and they all stank. How would a person mitigate these circumstances enough to make life bearable? If you were poor you could not; if you were wealthy there was not much more you could do except afford a vinaigrette or fancy flea trap.

Among the wealthy class flea traps were every much an accessory as jewelry, hats, gloves, and a fan; they were worn around the neck, tucked into clothing, stashed under a wig, or placed in a bed. Flea traps have been in use since the Middle Ages. They were made of silver or ornately carved ivory or bone; their beauty typically belies their unpleasant purpose.
Early flea traps are difficult to find for a couple of reasons. First, they are scarce; second, they are misidentified as vinaigrettes or even needle cases. As a result, comparative pricing can be tricky. Linear, cylinder and bulbous shapes are the most common forms and sell in the $250 to $300 range. The hand-carved bone, Russian flea trap illustrated here would sell in the $300 to $400 range.
Russian 18th century bone hand carved Flea Trap 

Throughout history, foul odors were another unpleasant aspect of daily life. Unwashed bodies, rotting teeth, unwashed clothing, open sewage, and streets covered with waste from large animals. Although people were accustomed to these circumstances, they did attempt to alleviate them.
During the Middle Ages people began to use pomanders to improve the odors they usually encountered. Initially, pomanders were made at home much like those we still make during the holidays. People used citrus fruit pierced with herbs like cloves or they saved the skin of an orange and stuffed it with a rag or sponge that had been soaked in vinegar. Oranges and vinegar were believed to have the power to ward off illness.
Pomanders were also made of silver and gold often with enamel work or even mounted with gems. These would be filled with sponges or cloth infused with scents. They were worn around the neck, wrist or on a chatelaine, they could also be placed in a trunk or cabinet with clothing.

Another innovation that soon largely replaced the pomander was the pouncet box. Pouncet boxes emerged during the late 16th century in England and were used primarily by the wealthy. The pouncet box was flat and circular in shape with a perforated lid that held vinegar-soaked sponges or cloth. Both men and women carried pouncet boxes to overpower any foul odor, but more importantly to offer protection from infected air, then considered to be the source of contagion.
By the late 18th century, the pouncet box evolved into a smaller silver container known as a vinaigrette, from the French word for vinegar - vinaigre. The vinaigrette worked on the same principle as the pomander and pouncet box. Aromatic substances dissolved in vinegar or concentrated scented oils were used to saturate sponges or fabric placed in the vinaigrette, which was carried in a pocket, worn around the neck or suspended from a chatelaine. The amount of detail silversmiths managed to apply to such small pieces is praise worthy.
These are simply miniature pieces of art.

This sterling silver, Dutch shoe vinaigrette was made in London during the 19th century by David Bridge It is 2.75" in length and 1.25" in height. The overall design depicts a fox and hound on one side and a swan and squirrel with a pile of fruit and vegetables on the other. The hinged lid opens to reveal a hinged, ornately pierced grill that flips up for the insertion of a perfumed sponge
The 3.25" long 19th century vinaigrette was made in the form of a violin or cello complete with pegs, string, bridge, scroll and "f" holes. It is Dutch in origin. The piece is decorated overall most interestingly a figure in the background holding a caduceus, which seems to verify the belief in the vinaigrette as a prophylaxis against disease.

Origins of the 'Flea Market'
While we are on the subject of fleas and flea markets, I'll take the opportunity to discuss the origin of the term "flea market." The term "flea market" is derived from the French name "marché aux puces" (market of fleas) that was applied to a market in Paris specializing in second-hand goods, especially clothing of the sort that might contain fleas.

The Oxford English Dictionary sites the date 1922 that the phrase was first used in English as "flea market." You might say a flea market is a place where many people scratch out a living.


Save $1.00
off  Show Admission
Bring this Coupon or a can of  food for Charity and get $1.00 off your 

Places to Stay:

Ramada Reno Hotel and Casino, (Tanners Host Hotel)
1000 East 6th Street, Reno, NV 89512, 775-786-5151
Ramada Website
Click Here To See The Ramada Special Offer
The Ramada will reserve a block of rooms for us at a greatly discounted rate of $50 per night plus taxes.
To book your rooms, Please call the hotel directly at 775-786-5151
and ask for the Hotel Desk. The booking company doesn't know about the discounts.
Please call in advance.

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa (Next to the Convention Center)
3800 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502

Econo Lodge Reno-Sparks Convention Center 
1885 South Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89502
(775) 329-1001

Sands Regency Hotel Casino
345 N. Arlington Avenue, RENO, NV 89501, 775-348-2200
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2019 Show Schedule
Tanners Marketplace :
At the Reno Sparks Convention Center
May 11th, 12th 
July 27th, 28th 
Sept 21st,22nd
Nov 23rd, 24th

Magic of Santa Craft Faire:
Dec. 14th and 15th

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Please Visit the Somewhere In Time antique mall at 1313 S. Virginia St.
(Paula and Dan are there on Mondays)

Weekly Auctions
Auctions by Sammy B
Lightning Auctions
A Fun Antiques and Clothing Store

Buy Nevada First
Gift store in Reno Town Mall

 The above vendors are listed as a local resource.  They have not paid to be featured.

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Mom No. 2: I just put the cat on the bed.
Mom No. 1: How does that help?
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Mother snake: Yes, son.Why?
Baby snake: I just bit my tongue!

Son: Dad, do you know the difference between a pack of cookies and a pack of elephants?
Dad: No.
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Sunday school teacher: Tell me, Johnny. Do you say prayers before eating?
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Joker: She heard he grew another foot!

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