October 12, 2019  Newsletter
The Next Tanners Vintage,  Antiques and Crafts Show is 
NOVEMBER 23,24 at the Reno Sparks Convention Center
  Vendor Applications Are Open and there are only a few spaces available.

Another Fun event that is happening THIS WEEKEND is the High Desert Steam

Also Don't miss the Magic of Santa Craft Faire
December 14th and 15th

We will be in hall "A" at the North end of the Convention Center
 It is best to park in the North Lot - Next to the Atlantis.

Tell the parking attendant you are going to Tanners

Tanners shows are all about memories! 
A silver aluminium Christmas tree that was in your great aunt's living room with the lamp that spun with 4 colors on it changing the glow of the tree....that you will remember--that is a memory. Even in today's  technology driven instamatic world.... memories are what we hold on to and pass on. It is darn near impossible to come to a Tanners Marketplace show and not walk out with memories of times past (and cool stuff you can pass on for generations). 

The more everything is the same these days, the more people are looking for things that are unique. You won't find that at a box store. In the past, items were made with multi-functions and quality in mind and built solid as a rock. Quality is important and quality is standard in vintage items. Before everything was made to throw away, it was made to pass down.

Whenever I see a thick fluffy cotton chenille bedspread with a tufted cowboy and horse as the pattern, I don't think of a multi-chain box store-- I think of my childhood bedroom and all the nights I had with that bedspread imagining Cowboys and Indians . No matter how old people get, they still hang tight to their memories.  
Bring your family down and relive some of your memories or make some new ones.
Masters of the mesh handbag

NEW YORK - Paired with the quintessential little black dress for an evening function, Whiting & Davis metallic mesh bags are so striking they can become the jewelry in one's outfit all by themselves. Having clean lines and a shimmering metallic surface, these small silk-lined purses have been favorite accessories by fashionistas for decades. The bags, usually featuring sterling silver chain mesh or golden vermeil, had hand-engraved frames and were often decorated with colorful gemstones.
Sterling Silver
These diminutive bags can't hold much - maybe a pair of keys and a modern cell phone - but they pack a big style punch. At the height of their popularity, the company was selling a million bags a year, which have been embraced by women from all walks of life. While popular for decades, Whiting Davis mesh bags were especially fashionable during the disco era of the 1970s especially apropos when worn with a Halston lamé jumpsuit.
William H. Wade, Edward P. Davis and Louis Heckman founded the Wade Davis & Co. in 1876 in Plainville, Mass. Whiting came up with the design for their first mesh bag in 1892, with all rings formed and joined by hand. Four years later, he and Davis launched a partnership and renamed the firm as it the Whiting & Davis Co. For two decades, groups of women in the factory would work, linking chain rings together by hand, reportedly doing about 1,000 rings a day. The turning point in the company's history came in 1912 with the advent of a machine that automated the mesh-making process. The company is America's oldest handbag manufacturer and in the mid-1920s was said to also be one of the country's biggest manufacturing firms. It had offices in New York, Chicago and Canada at the time and today is still selling American-made products from its headquarters in Massachusetts.
In 1892 Mr. Whiting designed the first
mesh bag, with all rings formed and
joined by hand.  By 1912 a machine
is invented to automate the mesh
making process.
Vintage fashion dealer Elaine Klausman of Vintage With a Twist in Bedford, N.Y., said people love the squishy feel of these bags and their style is so universal, they look great with jeans or an evening dress. "They have a very high fashion look that has lasted through the years," she said.
Styles and sizes have varied for these mesh bags over the years, but most had a flat or a V-shaped bottom, sometimes adorned with a row of fringe hanging off the bottom. They were often set with a sapphire in the clasp. While gold and silver bags were the company's bread and butter early on, colorful bags were also offered in later decades. A vintage ad from 1939-40 offered such items as "a graceful Whiting and Davis Beadlite pouch bag with chain," silk-lined and in red, blue or green for $1.75 or a "new style mesh bag ... choice of Armor or Beadlite mesh in gold or silver" in non-tarnishing mesh for $2.25. These bags today routinely sell for several hundred dollars each, while rare examples sometimes bring several thousand dollars.

"In the teens and early '20s, Whiting & Davis bags are made of small precious metal rings and are unpainted for the most part, their striking designs coming from a mixture of metal colors, artfully joined rings and metal fringe," according to a company history on its website. "By the end of the '20s, flat Armor mesh painted in bold Deco designs and Dresden mesh, with its tiny rings silkscreened by hand in dreamy Impressionistic shades, take center stage."

Successful partnerships in the 1930s with renowned designers Paul Poiret and Elsa Schiaparelli, further cemented the company's reputation for quality purses, carried by flappers, movie stars and regular women. Poiret's designs added "Parisian allure" to the bags while Schiaparelli debuted new and modern shaping.

After a production hiatus in the 1940s to support the war effort, the company returned to creating its iconic mesh handbags and soon embraced midcentury modern styling that was all the rage.
"Both Poiret and Schiaparelli were influential in changing the look of the purse," said Lélia   Teixeira, sales manager of  Whiting & Davis in Attleboro Falls, Mass. "Their designs turned the purses from ornamental delicate shapes to a more functional design that could be used to carry more than a key and handkerchief."
Mid Century

Keeping current with fashion trends while providing timeless styling lies at the heart of the appeal of these mesh bags, which are still made in Massachusetts today.
"We believe that the Whiting & Davis appeal throughout the decades has been the quality, craftsmanship and the classical styles," says Teixeira. "Whiting & Davis has always had the motto that our styles should be 'hand in hand with fashion.'"

'Whiting & Davis Purses: The Perfect Mesh' by Leslie Pena and Donald-Brian Johnson (available now from Schiffer Publishing, 610-593-1777, [email protected])

Save $1.00
off  Show Admission
Bring this Coupon, New Socks or a can of  food for St. Vincents and get $1.00 off your 

We are constantly striving to improve the shows so if you have any ideas please let one of us know.  Also please tell all your friends about the show to help our LOCAL small businesses.
Below is the schedule of upcoming 
2019 Schedule
Nov 23rd and 24th
Magic of Santa Craft Fair e
 Dec 14th and 15th

2020 Schedule
Feb. 15,16
May 30,31
July 25,26
Sept 26,27
Oct 31, Nov 1
Magic of Santa Craft Faire Dec 5,6

I'm sorry if any of the dates conflict with other shows,
I do my best to work around them
I'm also constrained by available dates at the Events Center

Please remember to shop at our show and small local stores for unique gifts. The antique stores I list here and places like the Buy Nevada First store in the Reno Town Mall are excellent places to shop and it helps your LOCAL neighbors.

Places to Stay:

Ramada Reno Hotel and Casino, (Tanners Host Hotel)
1000 East 6th Street, Reno, NV 89512, 775-786-5151
Ramada Website
Click Here To See The Ramada Special Offer
The Ramada will reserve a block of rooms for us at a greatly discounted rate of $50 per night plus taxes.
To book your rooms, Please call the hotel directly at 775-786-5151
and ask for the Hotel Desk. The booking company doesn't know about the discounts.
Please call in advance.

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa (Next to the Convention Center)
3800 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89502

Econo Lodge Reno-Sparks Convention Center 
1885 South Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89502
(775) 329-1001

Sands Regency Hotel Casino
345 N. Arlington Avenue, RENO, NV 89501, 775-348-2200
Let's make this a fun forum to keep interest and excitement up for the shows!
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Dan and Paula Clements
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Dan and Paula Clements
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Show Schedule
Tanners Marketplace :
At the Reno Sparks Convention Center
Nov 23rd, 24th
Feb 15,16 2020

Magic of Santa Craft Faire:
Dec. 14th and 15th

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Please visit the 
Somewhere In Time Antique Mall 
at 1313 S. Virginia St. Reno NV
(Paula and Dan are there on Mondays)

Weekly Auctions
Auctions by Sammy B
Lightning Auctions
A Fun Antiques and Clothing Store

Click for Website

Old Tales of Nevada
Past and Present
7:00 Sunday Mornings
Charter 695
Over the air 8.3

In the Costco Center on Plumb lane
Waterford and Swarvoski Crystal,
Myra Bags, Willow Tree, Root Candles
Lizzi James, Larimar


Buy Nevada First
Gift store in Reno Town Mall

 The above vendors are listed as a local resource.  They have not paid to be featured.

Q: How do you fix a broken pumpkin?
A: A pumpkin patch.
Charles: What is a turkey's favorite dessert?
Mary: I haven't a clue.
Charles: Peach gobbler!

Danny: Why did the cranberries turn red?
Jake: Beats me.
Danny: Because they saw the turkey dressing!

Pedro: What did the turkey say to the turkey hunter on Thanksgiving Day?
Ordep: What?
Pedro: "Quack! Quack!"

Chas: What kind of music did the Pilgrims listen to at the first Thanksgiving feast?
Tom: What kind?
Chas: Plymouth Rock!

Sister: Mom wants your to help us fix Thanksgiving Day dinner.
Brother: Why? Is it broken?

Kevin: What do you call a turkey on the day after Thanksgiving?
Jake: I don't know. What?
Kevin: Lucky.

Pee Wee: Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building?
Pedro: Yes, of course! A building can't jump at all.

Q. If pilgrims traveled on the Mayflower, what do college students travel on?
A. Scholar ships.

Q. What did sick people do on the Mayflower?
A. They went to the dock!

Q: When do you serve tofu turkey?
A: Pranksgiving.

Q: Why do turkeys always go, "gobble, gobble"?
A: Because they never learned good table manners!

Q: What do you call a running turkey?
A: Fast food.

Q: What was the turkey suspected of?
A: Fowl play.

Q: What's the best way to stuff a turkey?
A: Serve him lots of pizza and ice cream!

Q: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?
A: Pumpkin pi.

Asked to write a composition entitled, "What I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving,"
Little Johnny wrote, "I am thankful that I'm not a turkey."

Q: What would you get if you crossed a turkey with an ghost?
A: A poultrygeist!

Q: Why did the turkey cross the road twice?
A: To prove he wasn't a chicken!

Q: What happened when the turkey got into a fight?
A: He got the stuffing knocked out of him!

Q: If you call a large turkey a gobbler what do you call a small one?
A: Goblet.

A woman in her seventies, cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time, called Butterball for help. 
Her mother said she was tired of cooking and it was time her daughter learned how to prepare the Thanksgiving meal.

One caller to Butterball's Thanksgiving Turkey Talk-Line had always cut the legs off the turkey before putting it in the oven, thinking that was how you had to cook a turkey. She later learned that the only reason her mom had been doing that was because their oven had been so small that that was the only way to get the bird into the oven!

"Thanksgiving dinners take 18 hours to prepare. They are consumed in 12 minutes. Half-times take 12 minutes. This is not coincidence."-Erma Bombeck

"Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie."-Jim Davis.

Want to really freak someone out? Add 2 extra turkey legs to the turkey when it's in the oven.

Q: What did baby corn say to mama corn?
A: Where's popcorn?

Q: What are the feathers on a turkey's wings called?
A: Turkey feathers

Happy Turkey Day, America! Don't forget to name the turkey and make everyone uncomfortable.

Thanksgiving is an emotional holiday. People travel thousands of miles to be with people they only see once a year. And then discover once a year is way too often. -Johnny Carson

"My family told me to stop telling Thanksgiving jokes, but I said I couldn't quit cold turkey."

Happy Thanksgiving!