Blessed Kindred Tantra Spirit,

I wanted to share with you an article I wrote for recent Ipsalu Tantra community newsletter.

Having received some lovely feedback I hope you too may find it inspiring! 


Tantra: The Path of the Warrior

Tantra is called 'the warrior path' for its ability to fiercely cut through obstacles.  
That aspect however is less known here in the sexually deprived West where many Tantra teachers lure their students by the promise of bigger/better/multiple orgasms and all their teaching revolves around freeing one's sexuality. There's nothing wrong with
orgasms of course, yet there is more. 

Being free sexually is the prerequisite not the end focus of Tantra, so why would you sell yourself short?  "Oh, what could possibly be better than that?" you may ask. God (Divinity/The fill in the blank to name that One which is beyond all creation) is the answer! Being in a state of divinity is being in a state of continuous orgasm, making love with all life, all existence.  It is the end of the search for love, because love, you realize, is your very own essence, continuously pouring out of your heart. It may be the end of the search for a partner, for your inner beloved always embraces you, always holds you. Of course, the reflection of this beloved may effortlessly present itself to you in the external 'other' without the search for them. It is the time of living in bliss, living in a flow, living in the state of exciting newness, for divinity is always fresh and new.

This state however comes with a small print on the bottom: you need to let go of what you are not, in order to be who you truly are. You need to let go of those parts of your personality that don't serve you, even though you've had a very long, affectionate relationship with them.

And here comes the warrior part: you need to battle the demons of the past: the lies and patterns that you have adopted as yours, often disguised in the form of your most loved ones.  You need to be brave to travel down into the treacherous darkness of your lower chakras, into the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind, not knowing what kind of monsters dwell in there to attack you or lure you into the oblivion, drown you in a false sense of pleasure or comfort. You need to be strong enough to stand up whatever dark creatures come out of the Pandora's box. And most of all, you are going to encounter the Majestic Monster of your Ego (yes, it LOVES to be that capital E!) that in no way does want to change. The ego's way is to keep things put. The ego likes to be separate and superior and dare you to threaten it's position. It will put up the biggest fight imaginable!

The Tantric warrior does not fight with bare hands: s/he's equipped with a torch of conscious light to shine bright and transform the demons of the dark into innocent children; s/he has the sword of truth to cut through any lies and untruths, and a 'shield' of open heart that nothing can break. In fact the more the heart opens to the vulnerability of pure love the stronger this boundless shield gets. Love is the strongest force, any malice burns into nothingness in its presence or transforms into beauty. The Tantrika wears an 'armor' of  sadhana (daily practice) that restores the strength of his/her energy field to keep negative energies at bay and elevates his/her vibration to the divine level, a luminous bliss impenetrable by the demons of the dark (here in Ipsalu we love ASATE, a specifically choreographed sequence of Tantric techniques that will do just that in a mere 20 minutes or so...) . The Tantrika has a vehicle of  sexual energy - the most powerful energy of the universe - to access the many realms of awareness, from the most demonic to the most Godly, having the power to fully experience yet also the power to be the untouchable, eternal witness. Through sexual energy s/he can enter a state of dynamic bliss, the union of ecstatic Shakti with blissful Shiva, and the experience of merging with all existence (all existence is made of union of Shakti & Shiva).

The Tantric warrior has the weapon of wit, making friends with the ego, entraining it into his/her divine plan by giving it a job to make it feel important (not realizing the job itself leads to its annihilation). Add a little humor to the mix and, suspecting nothing, the big majestic lion is turning into a gentle, obedient lamb.

The work of the Tantric warrior does not seem to have an end. Having transformed their own personal demons and expanded the awareness of their self, they will battle the demons of collective consciousness. Like a lotus drawing from the mud to create a gorgeous blossom, they will move in the collective darkness through their form, transform it into love.

Tantric warriors do not take things nice and easy the way other spiritual practitioners may do. They do not stick around the comfort zone, slowly and gently zig zag around the mountain for decades to get eventually to to the top. They will climb steep slopes, run over the rocks, scramble through the bushes and brambles, falling face down into the mud and picking themselves up again, being driven by the passion for life.  They will run in cold winds, storms of hail, thunder and lightning, finding a peaceful respite for renewal in sunny meadows on the way, soothing their bruised and beaten sense of self in delightful orgasmic rivers that will effortlessly appear with their deepening breath and surrendering to the journey.  They may reach the summit of divinity with a few scars, scratches and heart breakages yet happy and holy, in gratitude for having lived their life to the full. They will delight in the splendid view, revere the magnificent, perfectly choreographed dance of all creation. And they will receive from divinity a brand new, untouchable, indestructible body: the body of LOVE - beautiful, perfect, and whole. Forever. 
The Tantric warrior may continue to dance through life with their head in the stars, their feet firmly grounded on the earth and a radiant, boundless heart in between that makes them uniquely divinely human.


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Love is sex energy transformed. Love is a flower yearning to blossom on our planet. Make love. Make mama Earth bloom!  
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