November 14, 2019

There are less than 6 weeks left in this decade.
Here's an obvious statement: Work has become more demanding and complex. Ever-growing workloads typically makes us (me included) work harder and put in longer hours. But Harvard Professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey offer a number of suggestions in their new book, Immunity to Change . One strategy to try, which at a minimum will help you identify a significant source of your stress: "What one or two things, if taken off my plate would alleviate 80% of the stress I feel right now?"
A French philosopher once said, "All human evil comes from this: our inability to sit still in a chair for half an hour. (This was especially true with me until I was prescribed Adderall last year).
In this SmartBrief article , former FBI agent and author Larae Quy argues that we're connected to everyone but ourselves. Solitude, she says, is the way out.
Book Recommendation:
That Will Never Work
"What? You ask? Reed Hastings wasn't the first CEO of Netflix?" (I didn't know that either). It was the author, Marc Randolph. And his story of the birth of Netflix is interesting, compelling, and relatable even if you're not interested in doing a start-up. Take the time Randoph and Hastings tried to sell Netflix to Blockbuster. They borrowed Vanna White's jet (who knew) and offered Netflix for $50 million.
I wonder if Blockbuster might still be in business if they took the offer.
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