February 20, 2020
Delegation is easy - in theory. It's a lot harder when you're trying to do it in real life. James Clear has a question that he asks before his daily decisions: "Will this cost me time in the future or save me time in the future?" But I have a story that happened to be in 1997 in Burbank, California. And it includes a boss who made me go to the beach.
AB5 is nothing if not controversial. The majority of our human resources clients have had to shift how they classify their (previous) independent contractors. Designed (I think) to go after Uber and Lyft (who classified their drivers as independent contractors and are vigorously supporting a repeal), it's instead changed most businesses - for better and for worse.
Many folks blame the smartphone for the end of any semblance of work-life balance. But in fact laptops were well on their way to dissolving the boundaries. Think about everytime you walk into a coffee shop. Are people playing on their smartphones? Nope. They're 'working' with their laptops. And I love this quote from the article: But laptops’ biggest sin might be granting employers the convenience to treat any little hiccup like an emergency, no matter how inconsequential. Their employees don’t have much of a choice but to pull out their computers and get to work.
Video Recommendation:
I thought the quality of commercials on this year's Super Bowl were pretty poor, overall. (Fortunately, the game was exciting). But one commercial that brought a smile to my face was the redux of Bill Murray's Groundhog Day . (The Super Bowl itself, of course, took place on Groundhog Day.) And a few days later, Jeep released the extended cut (1:45), and here it is.
Quote of the Week
"The most dangerous items on your to-do list are the ones that look like opportunities, but are actually distractions."
--James Clear