October 31, 2019 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!
So, as an old English Major, nothing of course could make me happier than seeing this article in the New York Times . It turns out that many technical skills learned in college by STEM majors for today's workplace become obsolete as technology progresses. By the age of 40, liberal arts majors make an average salary of $131,154 - mostly because those folks are now working in management positions, which pay well but don't always require specialized skills.
I’m incredibly lucky to leave near the beach, and I try to get there (at least) every Sunday to go for a walk, or workout, and sit and read for a few hours. Several years ago my wife said ocean air is “good for my brain”. Now, neuroscience and research are backing it up: breathing ocean air - even for a few hours - has significant impact on brain health.
Video Recommendation: We're a building a dystopia just to make people click on ads (Ted Talk)
 I'm usually blase about the future of Artificial Intelligence, but once in a while, something causes me to re-think that attitude. This TedTalk is one of those times. Zeynep Tufeckci is a professor at the University of North Carolina who researches the social implications of technology such as AI.
Tweet of the Week
From one of my professional heroes (and I don't have many of them!) - Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach :