August 6, 2020
Book Review Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage
I’m always reluctant to read books written by academics; they’re usually condescending and, quite frankly, boring. Mercifully, Laura Huang does not write like an academic, although she's a professor at the Harvard Business School.
Instead, she takes an essential concept for success and richly illustrates it with compelling stories, both from others and her own life.
I rarely say “must read”, but this book is going on my required reading list for our leadership program participants ASAP.
Here’s the full review:
Virtual Employees Require Different Leadership Styles
It makes sense: managing a remote team requires different skills sets than managing people around you. (In the mid-1990’s, I led a group of employees who worked three different locations. I decided I’d rather have 500 employees working for me in one location than a 100 employees in three locations).
I see daily the frustrations some of my clients have with remote employees; they’ve been leading by walking around for so long that they’ve lost touch with the ability to pick up a phone or start a video chat. Those leaders have been unable to make the transition from passive leadership to intentional leadership. It’s going to be a thing.
Leading With Patience Stop Managing Your Time & Start Owning it!
With 168 hours available every week, how is it possible that we feel behind, overworked, overwhelmed? Thomas Oppong provides a number of suggestions on how to make better use of those 168 hours, including the all-important ability to say “No”.

Start Owning Your Time (Thrive Global) 
And a final quote:

"Don’t worry about criticism from people you wouldn’t seek 
advice from.”
Dabo Sweeney, Head Football Coach, Clemson University

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