September 5, 2019
You might be surprised how much commute issues hurt hiring and retention. I've been preaching for a few years about the "30 Minute Rule". If you're looking at a resume for a candidate who lives more than a 30-minute commute from your office, don't go any further. The candidate will not last 3 years. This article, by Dr. John Sullivan, backs up that theory.

Hiring struggles are plaguing most of our small business clients (those with less than 100 employees). The U.S. unemployment rate is 3.7% through August. A recent survey found 58% of businesses are worried about losing their best people, and 62% find it's hard to fill key roles. Via HR Daily Advisor, some additional trends and approaches for small businesses to take (at least before the next recession hits).

Podcast Recommendation: WorkLife with Adam Grant
Anyone who knows me knows my admiration for Adam Grant, the Wharton Business School professor who's raison d'etre is " how to make work not suck " . Little wonder he's been named the most popular professor at Wharton four times, is a best selling author and incredibly popular speaker. (Yes, I'm a fanboy.)

Tweet of the Week
And...My favorite tweet this week, from Kat Cole, the President and COO of Focus Brands:
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