April 15, 2021
We’re So Close – and So Far – From The End
Lots of us (including and especially me) are starting to hit a wall. My focus has been unclear; my creativity down, and my ability to “get things done” has taken a step backward.
I get my second vaccine on April 28. But where does that leave me – and us? It’s not like it’s carte blanche to do anything. But it is a ticket to a freer, clearer future. So while I took a step backward for the past few weeks, the end – as we’ve known it – is so close.
It’s too close to the end to give up now.
The Art of Recognition – In a Letter
Yep, I’m old school. I like to write letters – especially when it comes to recognition. Over the years, however, my writing has deteriorated quite a bit – but it still makes me feel good to write thank you letters. I just hope the recipients can read them!
A new study has just come out suggesting that a simple 2-line letter can massively boost employee morale.
A letter costs nothing, but can be very impactful.
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The Big Lessons of the Last Year (Collaborative Fund)
And a final quote:

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.”

Salvador Dali
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