August 23, 2020
How to Stop Yourself from Overthinking Everything
I started this newsletter last year because I was sending articles like this to certain individuals in my life who could benefit from this type of knowledge. Someone suggested I put the articles I read and write into a newsletter; and, here we are.
I work with (a lot) of accountants (a CPA firm owns half of my company). And many of them are guilt of overthinking things to the point of paralysis. The good ones think, then do. (This gets closely aligned with the invariable second guessing – “I should have….”)
Some good ideas here on how to break out of the overthinking trap.
Why Millennials Stay At Panda Restaurant Group
I confess to some affinity for Panda Inns & Expresses; the original, beautiful restaurant in Pasadena has been a go to place for my family since the 1980’s. I can remember my grandmother eating there – she had the same thing every time (Sweet & Pungent Shrimp; you can’t find that anywhere anymore).
The Cherng family has been incredibly successful and growing their business, and now we know one reason why: defined culture, translated to values and executed by employees who align with those culture and values, and in return get significant growth and development opportunities.
Japan & KFC for Christmas
Like you, I’ve been so focused on business that I haven’t paid enough attention to ‘fun stuff’. So I spent this past weekend reading through my “fun file”. Here’s one.
I can confirm this is true: The #1 place for upscale Japanese on Christmas and Christmas Eve is….KFC. It’s a really interesting story combining two of my favorite things: Japan and fried chicken.
That’s the Colonel and me in Kyoto in case you were wondering.
And a final quote:

“Start with the assumption that the best way to do something is 
not the way it's being done right now.”

Aaron Levie, CEO,
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