April 22, 2021
It Pays to Be a Generalist
The era of specialists was winding down even pre-pandemic. Now, specialists are borderline obsolete. Machines and AI can automate anything that’s easily documented or that follows a process.
Thus, Right Brain Skills are the future. Businesses are looking for people who can perform multiple tasks, not just one.
You as a leader can train great employees in other areas of your business. Yes, when some of them leave, it will have been a waste. But for those who stay…
A CFO once asked me: “So what happens if I spend all this money on training and they leave?”
I responded, “What happens if you don’t train them and they stay?”
It Pays to Be a Generalist (Innovate on Purpose)
What The Future Holds & How Have We Changed?
A friend of mine, Glenn Sonnenberg, has spent much of the past year at his home, with his family. To know Glenn is to know he wasn’t going to use that time idly. He didn’t.
For more than a year, he wrote a daily blog featuring his thoughts – both deep and shallow – on everything from the arts to politics. His brilliance is in how he thinks and what he asks.
He’s now moved to writing thrice weekly. But the questions are just as good:
Will we value our days more? Will our appreciation of nature and the awareness of life be enhanced? Will we work a little less and will we work more efficiently? Will we long for quieter days and welcome periodic isolation in our own thoughts? No challenge in life is worth having suffered through if there isn’t a lesson to be taken from it. What lessons will we take with us as we journey forth?
Musings Beyond the Bunker (Glenn Sonnenberg)
Work Flexibility – An Expectation
Every position description we’ve written for clients in the past 6 months now includes information on whether the job is on-site, remote, or hybrid. It’s the new reality, and it’s no longer a perk:
It’s an expectation. If you can’t deliver, you’re not going to hire well.
Work Flexibility (Kevin Eikenberry)
And a final quote:

“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.”

Henry Ford
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