May 13, 2021
A New (Free) Personality Test
There are LOTS of personality/intelligence/
predictors of success tests and indices out there. I’ve seen all of them over my career. One thing I’ve learned is there isn’t one “best” test. The more information you get about an employee or potential employee, the better.
Now a new one, courtesy of Ray Dalio and Adam Grant, which includes ways to be able to communicate and collaborate better with others. It’s worth it (especially since it’s free!). Make sure to register at the beginning so you can save your results.
Anxiety About Return to Office is Sky High
Nearly every employee returning to the office is anxious about that return, according to a recent survey of 4,500 employees by Limeade.
Biggest fears: being exposed to COVID; less flexibility; and commuting to work.
Get feedback from your employees. Communicate. Ensure a safe workplace. Repeat.
Turn Departing Employees into Loyal Alumni
I’d guess about 90% of our clients don’t take advantage of the best recruiting tool there is: your former employees.
What better messenger than someone who’s been there and done that? With LinkedIn – it’s never been easier. Develop an alumni page. Ask your alumni to share posts of job openings. You might even want to give them a little $$$ for a referral!
The job market is ridiculously tight right now. You need every advantage you can get.
Employees to Alumni (Harvard Business Review - subscription)
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Things I Read That Interested Me

Why I Signed (Richard Edelman)
And a final quote:

“Clarity is the elimination of mental clutter. Agility is the elimination of physical clutter. Tranquility is the elimination of spiritual clutter.”

James Clear
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