January 16, 2020

Managing People - The 2020 Edition
Coming on March 18!
17 years after I wrote my first book, it's gone to press for the 2020 update. It seems really strange to say it's been nearly a generation since I left the corporate world and started on my own, without one client. What I've learned since then formulates the basis of this new book (and yes, you'll know when it's available!!!)
When my wife and I took a trip to Italy last fall, I decided to disconnect completely from e-mail. I found out that it wasn't as traumatic as I'd thought. And there are really good solutions to coming back and managing a full e-mail box.
I probably get asked to teach time management more than any other subject. And I always (politely) decline: the concept of a one-size-fits-all time management system is a true unicorn. There are lots of people out there who'll try to sell you a system that works for him or her, but it won't for you.
In the meantime, "The quest for increased personal productivity – for making the best possible use of your limited time – is a dominant motif of our age." is one of the quotes from this fascinatingly well-written article. We have infinite time to make plans, but almost no time at all to put them into practice.
Website Recommendation:
I've really made an effort to reduce the amount of 'negative news' in my life. A couple of years ago, I reduced my hard news consumption to the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times, and no CNN, Fox News, etc. That allowed me to focus much more on professional information - much of which I share on this newsletter. One website recommended to me is one I visit at least once a week. Just positive news, presented, well, beautifully. It's like meditation for your attitude.
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Adam Grant - Loyalty in Business Isn't All That:
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