June 4, 2021
How Smart Companies Streamline Their HR
Technology and AI are driving the automation of 70% of HR (and everything else’s) tasks. About $7 billion venture capital dollars have been funding even more technology. This makes for really affordable HR administration and causes the bigger question:
What else can be streamlined in the new world of human resources?
How Smart Companies Streamline HR (Swenson Leadership Blog)
Managers Need Leadership Development Too
We estimate that 70% of managers have never taken leadership training, coaching, mentoring or any kind of development.
In an era where contemporary leadership is more important than ever (think managing remote work and the new age of empathy, transparency & trust), the development of all leaders is critical.
Gallup finds that 70% of a team’s engagement level is influenced by…you guessed it…managers.
65% of Employees Want Full-Time Remote Work
Well, of course, they do. I’d like my hair to grow back, but I don’t think that’s happening either.
But it’s not an employee telling you they want to work full-time remotely. And it’s not you decreeing they must be in the office full-time, either.
It’s about what type of job it is, how much collaboration is necessary, and the type of person they are – not everyone is built to work effectively in a remote location.
Start with what needs to be done in the office, and go from there!
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