September 10, 2020
Eric: Leadership in Challenging Times
I was honored to be asked to contribute an article on leading during these times by Russell Bedford, an international network of accounting firms. I didn't think it would be a major task; I've been researching, writing, speaking and advising on this topic since COVID began
But what was challenging was their request to keep it under 900 words. Were they kidding? I can barely introduce myself in less than 900 words.
Leading in Challenging Times (Business World)
A Diversity & Inclusion Roundtable
Tanzanite’s sister company, Symmetry HR Outsourcing, is hosting a complimentary webinar and you're welcome to attend. 3 HR industry veterans will discuss D&I and how businesses can take tangible, impactful steps to improve awareness and effectiveness in their workplaces. It’s moderated by my longtime colleague at Symmetry – Michelle Long. I might even make an appearance.
It’s on September 17 at 10am.
Won’t you join us?
The Great "Purpose" Vow, a Year Later
It’s been a year since the Business Round Table published their lofty statement on corporate purpose, signed by 181 CEOs. Several us wondered at the time: Was this truly the time where businesses emphasized the purpose, or was it lip service? Daniel Goleman (side note: he basically discovered Emotional Intelligence) takes a look and finds that nothing has happened. The reason might be that the boards of those companies didn’t know what their CEO’s were doing.
And a final quote:

“There are two ways to be fooled
One to believe what isn’t true
The other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

– Kierkegaard
I'd like to solicit your tips on how to lead, help and cope in these pandemic times. You can do this by e-mailing me here.
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