December 19, 2019

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It wasn't that long ago that Six Sigma was everywhere in the corporate universe, led by Jack Welch and General Electric. But as GE began its decline, so did the popularity of Six Sigma. So the question becomes - was Six Sigma just a fad, or can it make a comeback?
A couple of years ago, a buddy of mine and I were driving across Florida through the Everglades. (We were following the LA Kings from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa - hockey is an obsession of mine). We finally made it to a Waffle House for breakfast and it was....amazing. The atmosphere was, well, bacon grease. But the employees were working like crazy, and the company's rating on GlassDoor exceeds that of Denny's and IHOP. So what gives? This article is a really interesting take on management, adaption and entitlement (or lack thereof).
Book Recommendation:
The Contrarian's Guide To Leadership
One of my all time favorite books, from one of my all-time favorite leadership experts, the late Warren Bennis (co-written by former USC President Steve Sample. Down to earth, provocative advice that I don't necessarily agree with (always put off decisions). But hearing a different point of view, from two truly exceptional leaders, it essential to one's growth as their own leader.
Quote of the Week
From Leadership Expert Adam Grant:
"My new favorite equation:
Arrogance = Ignorance + Conviction"