April 7, 2020
I can't remember who got me focusing on gratitude, but it's only been a few years since it happened. Since then, time after time I find myself returning to the things and people that and whom I'm grateful for. It becomes a really long list and - especially in times like this, reviewing that list is more rewarding than almost anything else I'm doing right now.
We've all spent the majority of our time in the past few weeks focusing on preserving our families and businesses; learning about Covid-19 and trying to understand what is being done so we can adapt our lives and businesses as fast as possible. We are in an incredible time of the unknown, and moving from the known to the unknown is the biggest stressor we can have.
Gratitude helps take us back to the known. It reminds us of things we're proud of (in a time where we tend to focus much of our energy on what's scary). And it's alot easier to focus on the negative than remember the positive.
So I want to devote this newsletter today to gratitude; things that are actually going well during this time; and what leaders can do during this time.
So, let's practice a little gratitude, shall we?
Companies today dealing with the pandemic need leaders at every level to help them respond and eventually rebound. The way people led in the last 10 years will not be the same in the next 10. How are you creating those leaders who can think strategically, make decisions and get the most out of who they lead?
Eric on Gratitude - The Little Things
Something I'm grateful for? Finally teaching my 86-year-old mother how to use Netflix. (It only took 7 months, and I'm not known for my patience). But now every day she watches a new movie, mostly suggested by me remotely. She watched Groundhog Day this week and loved it. So I e-mailed her my favorite Super Bowl Commercial from this year: (BTW - the Super Bowl was only 2 months ago!) Groundhog Day revisited.
Adam Grant on JOMO
Adam Grant, the brilliant organizational psychologist, author, podcaster and speaker , writes in his latest newsletter that it might be time to think about JOMO:

If you’re feeling FOMO (the Fear of Missing Out) in quarantine, it might be time to embrace JOMO, the joy of missing out. My list of things I’m glad to be missing:
(1) Having to change out of sweatpants
(2) Commuting
(3) Awkward interactions with strangers
(4) Awkward interactions with people I know
Quick Hits - Good News During The Pandemic
Some articles I've read recently that are actually good news!
Eric Recommends:
The Harvard Business Review has lifted its paywall for their articles about leading during the pandemic. The articles are terrific.

New York's famed Metropolitan Opera is streaming past operas at no cost . A different opera every night. I went to "La Traviata" there in February, crossing off a bucket list item.

Thanks to Google Arts & Culture , you can virtually visit more than 500 museums and galleries - and its free!
And Finally...
Over the past year, I've been speaking on the topic of generations in the workplace. I've found that while the differences between generations are actually minimal, the friction between them is real.
But over the past few weeks, I've really begun observing a sense that "we're all in this together", that generations are becoming blended as we mutually observe social distancing and thank appreciate everyone from trash collectors to grocery store workers. This gives me hope and pride as we work our way out of this crisis.
Stay safe. And let's keep connected and in gratitude.
In solidarity,
I'd like to solicit your tips on how to lead, help and cope in these pandemic times. You can do this by e-mailing me here .
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