May 27, 2021
Keep Your Best Employees (By Asking These Questions)
If you do enough “stay” interviews, you’ll do a lot fewer “exit” interviews.
So what questions should you and your leadership team be asking in a stay interview? Read on…
No Degree? No Problem
Too many employers ask for college degrees when today, they aren’t necessary. Antiquated ideas have to be re-thought. Do you really need to have a college degree? In most cases, no.
Case in point: Customer Service Rep, or Bank Teller. I’d rather have a high school graduate or GED who scores off the charts on customer service aptitude than a college graduate who views the role as a stepping stone.
Five years ago, I wrote a book making the same argument. So I have a little gratitude (and a little ego boost) when Korn Ferry agrees.
No Degree? No Problem (Korn Ferry)
Welcome to the YOLO Economy
FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is old news. Welcome to YOLO (You Only Live Once). Tens of thousands of workers (from millennials to boomers) are abandoning their jobs to start a new business, turn a hobby into a full time job, or moving to the country to write the great American Novel.
Because – especially as we transform into a Post-Covid world - you only live once.
As if employers had enough problems with hiring.
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