April 8, 2021
We Have All Hit a Wall
We’re closer than ever to the return of ‘normal’. And suddenly, as we crossed the one-year mark of the pandemic, there’s a crisis of “productivity, of will, of enthusiasm, of purpose.”
We’re now realizing that for 12 straight months, we’ve sat in the same chair in the same room staring at the same computer. Suddenly, as we’re about to cross the end zone, something is preventing us from taking that extra yard or to.
I read this article on April 3. On Monday, April 5, it really hit me as well. There was no sense of productivity, will, enthusiasm or purpose. I got incredibly frustrated and basically got no work done (instead, I read novels and tried to meditate my way out of it). I got better, but I felt every word in this article that starts with “I feel like I’m in quicksand”.
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Who Do You Bring Back?
This is becoming the big Leadership and HR question of the year. There is no “one size fits all” solution to this question, but it’s a critical question nonetheless.
Before the pandemic, I was an advocate of full-time remote work. No longer. People need a connection to “the office” and the culture therein. I’m guessing the overall correct recipe is 2-3 days in the office, 2-3 days away.
In addition, I have yet to see an operations or administrative team (at any of our clients and also my own business) be as effective working remotely as they were onsite. Perhaps in the future that changes, but not at the moment.
There’s a lot more to come on this subject, but here’s a good overview.
Why Naps Are Great
Well…yeah…I mean, I took two on Monday.
An Ode to Naps (The Atlantic)
Quick Hits
Things I Read That Interested Me

And a final quote:

“A foreign accent is a sign of bravery.”

Amy Chua
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