February 27, 2020

Let's face it: The whole concept of the work-life industry is nonsense. We don't have balance, we'll never have balance and that's just the way it is. I know people who work 60 hours every week and feel they have perfect balance. At a coaching session recently, a young entrepreneur told me he and his wife take every Friday off to do things together. They have kid-things to do all weekend, so Fridays are days they devote solely to themselves and each other. Think less about work-life and more about getting things done. You'll be happier (and you'll have more time)
During one of the first harassment investigations I ever did, the determination was there wasn't really harassment, but there was some pretty obvious retaliation. Turns out that it's really hard to prove harassment (it's often he said/she said). But it's really easy to prove retaliation. Thus it may be a surprise to some, but not me, that retaliation leads the list of most-filed EEOC charges during FY 2019. In fact, almost 53% of all charges were retaliation. You've been warned!
"Deep work" is becoming a popular term for focusing without distraction on a demanding task (or tasks). It's basically the opposite of multi-tasking (which our brains really can't do anyway). I know more people who are becoming frustrated at work ("I'm not getting anything done.") The reason is primarily overload - multiple tabs open on your browser, the pings of texts, e-mails and communications tools, and the lack of time needed to focus. Here's a Q&A with Cal Newport, who's book, Digital Minimalism (love that title) comes out next month.
Quote of the Week - from Peter Shankman
"You are a limited edition. Act like one."
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