May 7, 2020
No one ever accused me of great timing on much of anything, and it happened again. Oh, well. People may have more time to read it now!
Managing People: The 2020 Edition is an update of my first book, which was written in 2003. In that book, I examined all of the leaders I'd worked for at the Automobile Club of Southern California and then Paychex, and put together a list of the characteristics of great leaders of people.
17 years later, after spending that time working with leaders, and not for leaders, I wanted to update those original characteristics. What I found surprised me: the characteristics of great leaders are basically the same; it's the workforce that's changed.
Especially now - it's critical for leaders to remember and practice the basic tenets of leadership. Perhaps you'd be interested in reading it? It's available on Amazon, B&N, Apple Books, and all the usual suspects.
Here endeth the commercial. Now, back to our regularly scheduled newsletter.
I'm not always interested in what military leaders have to say about leadership; their "command and control" style is basically the antithesis of how I develop leaders. But General Mattis has always been a bit different and considered an intellectual by everyone around him. So if anyone understands leadership in a crisis, it's the former Secretary of Defense, commander of the United States Central Command, U.S. Joint Forces Command and veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
A couple of weeks ago, my friends at Gallagher asked me to put together a webinar on how to lead in this era. If you have an hour or so, it's available on YouTube. (It takes much less time if you fast forward through the dull spots)
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And a final quote:
" I don't know any other way to lead but by example."
---Don Shula, 1930-2020
I'd like to solicit your tips on how to lead, help and cope in these pandemic times. You can do this by e-mailing me here .
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