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Seasonal Newsletter: Summer 2019
The Season of Light
Welcome to summer. Beneath all the commotion of rush hour traffic, the buzz of business, and the daily news are the many gifts of summer. Roses bloom, tomatoes are getting ripe, and long sunlit days are followed by the vibrant beauty of summer sunsets. 

The summer season brings more light, more time to spend outdoors, to “live close to nature,” letting our actions “flow from the heart” as the Tao Te Ching reminds us. We can enjoy picnics in the park, a day at the beach, hiking with a friend, quiet time cultivating our gardens or gazing at the bright summer sky.
By focusing on the beauty of the natural world, we can pause for a moment of gratitude that transforms the energies within and around us.

Psychologist Robert Emmons of the University of California, Davis (2008), has found that gratitude makes us happier. Research has shown that gratitude can improve our physical health and serve as a protective factor against anxiety and depression (Hill, Allemand, & Roberts, 2013; Petrocchi, & Couyoumdjian, 2016). 

Gratitude enhances not only our own lives but the lives of the people around us. From research in quantum physics to studies in psychology, mindfulness , and neuroscience , we are now learning how profoundly our energies affect our world (Kabat-Zinn, & Davidson, 2011; Siegel, 2018). 
Here are some simple ways to add gratitude to your life this summer:

  • Pause for a moment in the midst of your busy days to focus on one thing you’re grateful for: enjoy the playful antics of your puppy, appreciate nature’s artistry, enjoying a walk in the woods, the fragrance of roses in your garden, or the beauty of a summer sunset.
  • Make it a point to connect with people and thank them--from family members to a helpful neighbor or the clerk at the store—reaching out with a simple expression of gratitude.
  • Read a book about gratitude like Robert Emmons’ Little Book of Gratitude (2016) or my friend Kevin Carroll’s book of reflections, A Moment’s Pause for Gratitude (2017).
  • End each day with a gratitude practice: think of three things you’re thankful for. You may even choose to record these reflections in a gratitude journal.

During this golden summer season, a gratitude practice will not only enhance your life but ripple out to touch the hearts of people around you, bringing more light to the world.

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