November 6 ,2018-In This Issue

Now that your documents for TI Year 2 have been submitted through the Attestation Portal, the TI team will reach out to the participant (via email and phone call if needed) if:
  • the wrong document(s) was submitted
  • PHI was identified in the document(s)
  • there were issues viewing the attachment
  • the submitted document did not meet the Document Review Criteria
You will have 3 business days from the time of notification to make the corrections and/or resubmit through the Attestation portal. If the participant does not make corrections/resubmit within the three days, those document(s) will be considered to have not met that milestone.
It is anticipated that the document reviews will be complete by early December 2018. If a participant is not notified by the TI team regarding a submitted document by early December 2018, it indicates that the document(s) submitted met the criteria and will be considered to have met the milestone. All documents are subject to post-payment audit.



Modifications have been made to Targeted Investments (TI) Year 3 milestones. Please click on your organization's Area of Concentration below to view them. They are also available on the TI homepage.

It is important that TI Participants check the TI web page on a weekly basis for program information and updates to Core Component documents. Be sure to check the version date of each document to ensure you are aware of any changes.


The establishment of the capability to participate in the bi-directional exchange of health information with Health Current is a Year 3 Milestone for all Targeted Investments participants other than Hospitals. This will be a multi-step process and can be a lengthy process depending on a variety of practice specific factors.By now,your organization should have received a letter from Heath Current. It is extremely important to respond to that letter and start working with your Health Current Account manager.

By December 31, 2018

Your Health Current Account Manager will work with you and your EHR vendor to develop a Scope Of Work (SOW) for your bi-directional interface with Health Current. The effort will include an assessment of your Electronic Health Record's [EHR] data capture and data transmission capabilities and will build a core data profile identifying the data elements you will need to transmit. 

The resulting SOW and plan will reflect the Data Groups appropriate for the TI participant's range of services, and the data elements that the participant captures in their EHR under each Data Group. It will identify the steps your practice will need to take to be able to transmit clinical data to the health information exchange. 

We advise all Targeted Investments participants work with Health Current to have a final bi-directional data exchange SOW and plan in place by December 31, 2018 in order to ensure you have the resources and capacity to meet the bi-directional data exchange milestone deadline.  


Payments for the Targeted Investments Year 2 are expected to be made in late Calendar Quarter 1 of Year 2019.


In order for you to receive your TI Year 2 payment in a timely manner, we need to know if your organization anticipates relocating, merging, closing a TI Participating site(s) or merging with other organizations throughout the duration of the program. If yes, please do the following:
1) Notify AHCCCS Provider Registration and take the necessary steps outlined by Provider Registration.
2) Notify the TI Team at of the change or when the change will occur.
If you plan to no longer participate in the TI Program, we would greatly appreciate you notifying us at:


Targeted Investments Project Management Team :
George Jacobson, Project Manager
Alexa Kaumaya, Project Coordinator
Shreya Prakash, Intern