October 9,2018-In This Issue

TO OCTOBER 31, 2018.

The Targeted Investments (TI) Portal is available to attest for your completed milestone and to upload documents. 

Before you attest...

1.Familiarize yourself with the TI document review criteria and instructions for attestation. A recorded video tutorial of the attestation process is available on the TI web page. Please click here to view the video tutorial.

2.Have the SPNs for your TI participating sites available before you attest. If you do not know your site SPNs, please contact: targetedinvestments@azahcccs.gov

4.Submit completed user agreements for approval through the attestation portal to AHCCCS. Remember AHCCCS needs 2-3 business days to approve them. We recommend you not waiting until the last minute to start your attestation process. You cannot attest until the user agreements for your participating sites are approved.

AHCCCS Online Account Information

In order to attest for completed Milestones, you will need to attest through AHCCCS Online. If you don't have an account, you will need to register through the website (see link below).  If registering for a Master account, AHCCCS will send a letter to the address you select when creating your account.  
The letter will contain the authentication code required to activate your account.  If registering for an Individual account, the Master account holder for your organization must approve your account after it's created.  
If you do not have access to the "Targeted Investments Program" after your account is approved, please contact your Master account holder to have those permissions granted.  Please refer to 
https://azwebdev.statemedicaid.us/Help/LearnMore.aspx for additional information regarding accounts.
An AHCCCS Online account will be deleted from the system after 120 days of inactivity. Sharing accounts is also prohibited.

SDOH / Mental Health Screen Billing Codes

Effective 10/1/2018, AHCCCS has determined that a maximum of two SDOH and/or mental health screens per year, per member can be billed using codes 96160 and 96161. This includes Targeted Investments participants.


YEAR 3 Core Component #1 Deadline Extension:

For Primary Care, Behavioral Health and Justice Providers, the October 31, 2018 completion date for the TI Year 3 Core Component #1 milestone has been modified and extended to December 31, 2018. Visit the  TI Web page  to view the revised Core Component milestone by your Area of Concentration.

It is important that TI Participants check the TI web page on a weekly basis for program information and updates to our Core Component documents. Be sure to check the version date of each document to ensure you are aware of any changes.
Justice Providers:

The presentation from the July 30, 2018 Justice forum held at AHCCCS is available on the TI Web page. Please click here to view it.

Pediatric BH Providers: 
If you are a TI Pediatric Behavioral Health participant provider and would like to have your staff trained to use the Early Child Service Intensity Instrument (ECSII) to treat children 0- 5 for trauma,

Attestation Portal:

If you have questions regarding the attestation process and could use some tips,  the Attestation Portal FAQs and Tips Sheet are available under the Attestation Portal tab on the Web page.


Once documents are submitted through the Attestation Portal, the TI team will reach out to the participant (via email and phone call if needed) if:
  • the wrong document(s) was submitted
  • PHI was identified in the document(s)
  • there were issues viewing the attachment
  • the submitted document did not meet the Document Review Criteria,
You will have 5 business days to make the corrections and /or resubmit through the
attestation portal. If the participant does not make corrections /resubmit within the five days, those document(s) will be considered to have not met that milestone.  
If a participant is not notified by the TI team regarding a submitted document within up to 30 days of submission , th is indicates that the document (s ) submitted met the criteria and will be considered to have met the milestone. All documents are subject to post-payment audit.

Forgot your SPN?

The Site Participant Number (SPN) is a two or three-digit unique identifier assigned to every TI participating site in the program. You will need to reference this number throughout the program so, please keep it handy.
If you cannot locate your SPN(s), please notify us at targetedinvestments@azahcccs.gov  and we will send you the information.
SPN's are simply a number assigned to TI site applications as a mechanism for AHCCCS to track TI participating sites in our records. The SPN identifier is only for the Targeted Investments providers.

Relocated your TI site, opted out  or changed ownership/provider type?
In order for you to receive your TI Year 2 payment in a timely manner, we need to know if your organization anticipates relocating, merging, closing a TI Participating site(s) or merging with other organizations throughout the duration of the program. If yes, please do the following:
1) Notify AHCCCS Provider Registration and take the necessary steps outlined by Provider Registration.
2) Notify the TI Team at targetedinvestments@azahcccs.gov of the change or when the change will occur.
If you plan to no longer participate in the TI Program, we would greatly appreciate you notifying us at: targetedinvestments@azahcccs.gov


Targeted Investments Project Management Team :
George Jacobson, Project Manager
Alexa Kaumaya, Project Coordinator
Shreya Prakash, Intern