September 5,2018-In This Issue


The Targeted Investments (TI) Portal is available to attest for your completed milestone and to upload documents. 

Before you attest...

1.Familiarize yourself with the TI document review criteria and instructions for attestation. A recorded video tutorial of the attestation process is available on the TI web page. Please click here to view the video tutorial.

2.Register for our upcoming Webinar on the attestation process. (The session is from 11-12pm Arizona time)

September 11 Session-  Register for the Webinar

3.Have your SPNs for your TI participating sites available before you attest. If you do not know your site SPNs, please contact:

4.Submit completed user agreements for approval through the attestation portal to AHCCCS. Remember AHCCCS needs 2-3 business days for approving them. We recommend you not waiting until the last minute to start your attestation process.

Have you taken the Targeted Investments (TI) Survey yet?
Please take a few moments to respond to the brief survey linked here  before September 11, 2018.The results will help the Targeted Investments team learn more about how to best support your hard work.The results of the survey will not impact your eligibility in the program.
Forgot your SPN?

The Site Participant Number (SPN) is a two or three-digit unique identifier assigned to every TI participating site in the program. You will need to reference this number throughout the program so, please keep it handy.
If you cannot locate your SPN(s), please notify us at  and we will send you the information.
SPN's are simply a number assigned to TI site applications as a mechanism for AHCCCS to track TI participating sites in our records. The SPN identifier is only for the Targeted Investments providers.

Relocated your TI site, opted out  or changed ownership/provider type?
In order for you to receive your TI Year 2 payment in a timely manner, we need to know if your organization anticipates relocating, merging, closing a TI Participating site(s) or merging with other organizations throughout the duration of the program. If yes, please do the following:
1) Notify AHCCCS Provider Registration and take the necessary steps outlined by Provider Registration.
2) Notify the TI Team at of the change or when the change will occur.
If you plan to no longer participate in the TI Program, we would greatly appreciate you notifying us at:


Document Validation Criteria Webinar

Recordings of the document validation criteria Webinars for all Areas of Concentration (except Justice) are available on the TI Web page. Click here to access the recordings

Pediatric BH Providers: 

We have updated Core Component #8 to clarify AHCCCS defined standardized suite of evidence-based practices. Click
here to review the updated core component. 

We recommend that TI Participants check the TI web page on a weekly basis for posted information and updates to our Core Component documents. 

Targeted Investments Project Management Team :
George Jacobson, Project Manager
Alexa Kaumaya, Project Coordinator
Shreya Prakash, Intern