August 8, 2018 - In This Issue:
Welcome to the first issue of the Targeted Investments (TI) newsletter! We will include pertinent news, program updates, and upcoming due dates. The newsletter will be out every month and will be archived on the TI web page. 

The TI Attestation Portal is now available!

Before you attest..
  1. Familiarize yourself with the TI document review criteria and instructions for attestation posted on our web page.
  2. Register for one of our upcoming webinars on the attestation process (all sessions are from 11-12pm) :
            August 21  Session-      Register for the webinar
            September 4 Session-   Register for the webinar
            September 11 Session- Register for the webinar

Have your SPNs for your TI participating sites available before you attest. If you do not know your site SPNs, please contact:
We will also have the recorded sessions of the Document Review Criteria Webinar sessions hosted last month posted on the web page shortly. 
reminder note

Forgot your SPN?

The Site Participant Number (SPN) is a two or three-digit unique identifier assigned to every TI participating site in the program. You will need to reference this number throughout the program so, please keep it handy.

If you cannot locate your SPN(s), please notify us at and we will send you the information.
SPN's are simply a number assigned to TI site applications as a mechanism for AHCCCS to track TI participating sites in our records. The SPN identifier is only for the Targeted Investments providers.

Relocated your TI site, opted out  or change of ownership/provider type?

If your organization anticipates relocating, merging, or closing a TI Participating site(s) or merging with other organizations throughout the duration of the program, please do the following:

1) Notify AHCCCS Provider Registration and take the necessary steps outlined by Provider Registration.

2) Notify the TI Team at  of the change or when the change will occur.

If you plan to drop your organization, or a site(s) from the TI Program, we would greatly appreciate you notifying us at:

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Implementing the Patient Notification Process and the Right to Opt Out

1. Distribute the Notice of Health Information Practices (Notice) to patients. Obtain a signature from each patient acknowledging receipt of the Notice. This signature can be obtained on any form, including the healthcare provider's HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices or conditions of admission or treatment form. The form must reference the healthcare provider's participation in the HIE and must state that the patient has received, read and understands the Notice. 

2. Provide the Opt Out Form to any patient who wants to opt out or the Opt Back In Form to change a previous opt out decision. A patient can opt out or opt back in at any time.
3. Provide the Health Information Request Form to any patient who wants to request a copy of his or her health information that is available through the HIE or who wants a list of persons who have accessed his or her health information through the HIE in the last three years.
If a patient opts out of making some or all of his or her health information accessible through the HIE, then no one will have access to that information through the HIE, even in an emergency.

Please contact your Health Current account manager for more information in this critical next step in the process to receive ADT Alerts.

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TI Web Page Updates

Justice Providers: 

We have made slight modifications for Core Component #17. Please see page 12 in the link  here. 

All Providers: 

We have posted detailed explanations of how year 2 Payments will be calculated. Click here to review the payment explanations. 


Peds PCP Providers: 

e have updated Core Component #18 to clarify the enhanced schedule for CMDP patients. Click here for more information


Peds BH Providers: 

We have update Core Component #8 to clarify the AHCCCS defined standardized suite of evidence-based practices.Click here to review the updated core component. 

We recommend that TI Participants check our webpage on a weekly basis for posted information and updates to our Core Component documents. 

Trauma-Informed Care Training

Pediatric BH providers:

If you plan to register for the AHCCCS identified Trauma Informed Care training program, please do so as soon as possible.
Pediatric PCP Providers:

The second offering of Trauma Informed Care training for Pediatric Primary Care TI participants will be held on the 25th of August at the Arizona Trauma Institute located at 49 S. Sycamore #2 in Mesa from 7:30am-12pm. It will also be streamed live in Tucson and Flagstaff at the same time.  
Register to attend in Tucson at the  Tucson Medical Center (5301 E Grant Rd; Rincon Room in the Alamo Building). 
Register to attend in Flagstaff  at the Steward Health Choice office (1300 S. Yale St; Mohave Room). 

Targeted Investments Project Management Team:

George Jacobson, Project Manager

Alexa Kaumaya, Project Coordinator

Shreya Prakash, Intern