Dear Parents,

We are quickly approaching the first week of the new school year! Today our teachers and support staff are attending a 3 hour training with Sarah Buffie on the topic of trauma informed care. The focus of this training is to help our teachers and staff better understand how trauma affects the brain and body and teach effective approaches for developing resilience in our children. We feel strongly that we want our teachers and staff to be well prepared to help support our children emotionally and socially as they return to school both physically and digitally.  

Yesterday we sent out an email from Digital Academy asking parents to establish an account, access the “back to school” forms and student’s pod placements. If you did not receive this email, please contact Megan Wachalec at

I do have one change to announce to our teaching staff. Mrs. Hardin will have an 8th grade pod this year and Mrs. Maschari will have a 7th grade pod. This change is now reflected on the updated pod maps that are located on the website.

On Friday at noon we are going to host a virtual Lunch and Meet…..”Meet the Task Force”. While we are hoping that the Family Guidebook will have the answers to most of your questions, we know you may still have some last minute questions. The Zoom meeting link will be available in the Wolfhound Wednesday and on the Reopening Safely tab on our website. The Family Guidebook can also be found on our website under the Reopening Safely tab.

In closing, I would like to share with you my video message as we begin our final preparations for the new school year.

Please continue to pray for our school community and for each other. 

Thank you,
Kathy O’Reilly