We the People Convention and Freedom for ALL PAC

Endorse Charles Tassell for

Congress in the OH 2nd District

For Immediate Release: Sunday, December 17, 2023

Contact: Tom Zawistowski, [email protected]

Akron, OH: Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio-based national We the People Convention organization and Treasurer of the Freedom for All PAC, announced that both organizations are endorsing Charles Tassell for US Congress in the Ohio 2nd Congressional District covering Southern Ohio. In making the endorsement, Zawistowski focused on his personal knowledge of Tassell's life experience.

Zawistowski said, "I know for a fact that Charles is not running for Congress because he needs a job or craves public attention. Far from it. He is running for Congress because he knows that our government is broken, Congress is broken, and it is going to take dedicated Patriots to make significant changes to restore our Constitution and government agencies. Charles knows going to DC will be the hardest thing he has ever done because it is not going to be fun. He knows it is going to be a fight every day for the very survival of our great Republic. If I was going to send someone to fight for my future, for my children's future, for my individual Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity, I would send my friend and fellow Patriot Charles Tassell. He can not be bought. He serves God and not man. He has the moral strength and the fortitude to make the hard decisions, the right decisions, for America and Americans."

Zawistowski added,"I have personally known Charles Tassell for over ten years, starting when he served as a valued assistant to Phil Burress founder of Cincinnati-based Citizens for Community Values (CCV). Charles and I have fought many political battles together. From the very beginning Charles was focused on public policy that promoted Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity for EVERYONE."

Charles Tassell

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Zawistowski continued, "As an owner of rental properties and the COO of the National Real Estate Investors Association, Charles saw first hand how the relationship between business and government can go wrong. Instead of working with businesses to solve problems, like the lack of affordable housing, he witnessed the government just dictating to businesses socialist policies that made matters worse as they did during Covid. He didn't just accept the tyranny of government, he fought back and won! Charles is a fighter but not a bomb thrower. He has the perfect temperament for Congress, which is a collaborative body. He is very smart. He does his homework. He builds alliances. He works hard to find creative solutions that actually solve real problems for real people. He is always focused on getting positive results, no matter how difficult the situation."

Zawistowski pointed out that, "Our organization has a lot of members and friends in the Ohio 2nd District, particularly in Clermont County where they elected Charles Tassell to be the Republican Chairman earlier this year. They know that Tassell has been active for decades at the local, state and federal levels promoting conservative policies, such as Congressional Term Limits and Fiscal Responsibility, and that he is a solid Trump supporter who is committed to our America First Agenda. I know that Charles went out of his way this year to become personally engaged in the critical Project 2025 effort that will help staff the executive branch in the next Conservative Presidential Administration."

Zawistowski, concluded, "We ask all Patriots in the Ohio 2nd District to commit the time, effort and money to do the work necessary to elect this exceptional Conservative candidate to Congress. It is expected to be a crowded field in the Republican Primary on March 19th since the 2nd Congressional District is an open seat. It will be up to Patriots to help let voters know that Charles Tassell is the best candidate for the job and to go out and vote for him in the Primary."

Those wishing to donate to, or volunteer to help, the Tassell for Congress campaign can do so by clicking on this link. The We the People Convention and Freedom for All PAC have also endorsed J.R. Majewski in the Ohio 9th District and Reggie Stoltzfus in the Ohio 6th District. Patriots can help the Freedom for All PAC support the election of all of these candidates by donating to the Freedom for All PAC by clicking this link.

As an Ohio Non-Profit Corporation, the We the People Convention has the legal authority to endorse candidates in federal elections based on the Citizens United case was decided by the Supreme Court of the United States on January 21, 2010.


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