Taste & See
Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him!
Psalms 34:8
Have you ever seen Frozen II? The story is about how people misunderstood the history of their kingdom, and the truth was trying to come froth! As the movie goes, the peaceful kingdom had a natural crisis that forced them out of their homes, cities, and country. The leaders felt that there was something they had to discover to save their kingdom. 

During their adventure, they found that their grandfather had done evil by protecting his power, and the act must be corrected to return peace to the universe and save their land! Although the movie isn’t biblical because it misses the focus of God in the mix of humanity, it does teach some important characteristics to consider during a crisis, and it makes for great entertainment!

There are several thoughts in it that teach us good things to practice. The two that stand out are: Search for truth, and if you can’t see the future, then just do the next right thing.

To start, search for truth because it will surface as it did in the movie. When we do, the truth will shine bright, and we will be in the midst of God, the truth-teller.  To be honest, it seems truth takes a long time to come forth (in Frozen II, it took two generations!). But the important thing to understand is that truth will arrive at the right time and it will set people free!

God has a way of bringing the truth forward, even if humans try to control or suppress it. Amazingly, God always shows up as in control! It is vital for us as Christians to stand with the truth, but keep the wellbeing of people in mind. God stands for truth, but He also loves people so much that He will care for them during the whole process! So let’s not be arrogant because we know the truth, but rather, be compassionate because we care about people as Jesus did!

The other thought from Frozen II is if we can’t see the future, do the next right thing! Often, God will feed our soul, but it won’t be very tasty, like spinach (or something else you don’t like!) God will require us to eat of it. (For example, humility, it is NEVER tasty! It is hard, so hard to swallow.) But in those difficult moments, think of Ana in Frozen II, who, although in a dark place, continued to do the next right thing before her until she was out of the darkness and back into the light. As we continue to do the next right thing, even though we don’t know the outcome, we will be lining ourselves up with the Creator of the universe! We will also be maintaining a healthy diet to keep our spirits strong and ready for the next thing God has to offer.  

Remember Daniel? Even though in a difficult situation of being captured and taken to a foreign land, Daniel continued to do the next right thing. 
Even though he met challenges (as we all will), God used him in a mighty way, and Daniel continues to shine bright generations later!

During these difficult times, when our future is uncertain, let us consider these two things: Stand with the truth and do the next right thing! During the process, we ask God to feed our souls with His goodness. As we continue to eat what He provides, we recall that sometimes, it will taste oh so good, but other times it will seem bitter. 

When it tastes bitter, we are encouraged because we understand that the nourishment given may not taste good at the moment, but will have healthy benefits for the future (because God is good).  Each bite will get a little easier, our soul will get a little stronger, and before we know it, God will have answered our prayer. He will put His desires in our hearts, and we will be satisfied because of Him!  

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!

Brenda Lewis
Executive Minister
Woodbine Church
5200 Woodbine Road
Pace, Florida 32571