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January 31, 2022

Weekly Highlights

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Channeling the Upper Valley on local cable channels Comcast 1075/1085, VTel 169 &1169/170&1170, streaming at

CATV On-Demandand YouTube.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to make system repairs to our streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) services at

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Will you help us design a more inclusive and accessible CATV?

CATV is working to improve representation of the Upper Valley's identities/interests and increase accessibility in the digital age. Four seniors from the Human-Centered Design program at Dartmouth have partnered with CATV to research the community’s opinions and behaviors regarding local media to engage new creators and audiences from underrepresented/unheard local groups. Will you complete this brief survey to help us design a better CATV ?

Thank you for supporting CATV's mission to enable open public dialogue, expression, and government transparency!

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Taste of Summer

This week local filmmaker Chad Finer takes us back to warmer days with First Friday Buskers, including Cannon Labrie, Dave Richard, Lisa Brande, Mark Trichka and others, including a prelude to "A Night To Remember" dedicated to Dave Clark at Light River Junction with WRIF (June 2021).

Find more "Music in the Upper Valley" from Chad Finer including solo guitarist William Ghezzi in concert at Christ Church, Dartmouth College, broadcasting Tuesday 2/2 at 11am CATV Upper Valley (Comcast channel 1075/VTEL 1169).

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Authoritarianism in the U.S.

Watch on CATV Government (Comcast 1085/VTEL 1170) Tuesday 2/2 at 6pm.

The Dartmouth Political Union, "nonpartisan student-run organization dedicated to providing a forum for respectful political discourse on campus," shares their timely discussion with Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald on authoritarianism, fake news, why the left/right dichotomy is irrelevant, and more insights into the state of the union in our polarized, hyper-mediated moment.

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Reckoning with History and Home

Watch on CATV Upper Valley (Comcast channel 1075/VTEL 1169) Mon. 1/31 9pm, Wed. 2/2 at 7:15pm, Thurs. 2/3 at 6pm, or Friday at 3:15pm.

German-American author and illustrator Nora Krug reads from her memoir Belonging, sharing illustrations, photos, and hand-written text. "A wholly original record of a German woman's struggle with the weight of catastrophic history, Belonging is also a reflection on the responsibility that we all have as inheritors of our countries' pasts.

Shared with CATV by the Center for Carton Studies, the Leslie Center at Dartmouth, and the Will and Ann Eisner Family Foundation.

JAG Juke Joint at the Briggs Opera House

CATV's YouTube channel archives local content telling our collective story and reflecting who we are.

Take a look back at one of our most viewed YouTube videos.

Francesca Harper performs "What A Little Moonlight Can Do" by Harry M. Woods and made famous by Billie Holiday. Performed at JAG Juke Joint on 11/17/18 in White River Junction, Vermont. Find more JAG Juke Joint performances and a 2019 CATV Closer Look interview with JAG Artistic and Producing Director Jarvis Green

on CATV on YouTube.

JAG Juke Joint at the Briggs
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Local Government on CATV 

Did you know you can also find local government and school board meetings live and rebroadcasting on CATV's YouTube page?

Upper Valley Religious Services on CATV 

Join your local house of worship or visit a new one Sundays on CATV cable 1085 or CATV On-Demand.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to make system repairs to our streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) services at

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CATV Podcasts

Listen Up, Upper Valley! CATV's podcast recording booth is up and rolling. Last week our first local independent production kicked off and will drop soon on our podcast page. Got an idea for a podcast? CATV is here to support your production.

From around the region...


CATV partners with the Vermont Access Network for HD (high def) community-produced content on Comcast 1070 (VT) and streaming everywhere.

CATV supports lifelong learning to engage the tools of media for individual and community expression in the Upper Valley.

CATV's team also covers local community events, government, and school board meetings for cable and streaming. Contact us to get involved!

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