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Taste the Terroir of Whole Grains on An Exclusive Vermont Culinary Tour

This summer join us in the lush Northeast Kingdom of Vermont to taste the terroir of local grains. Our weekend adventure begins with a special tour and tasting at Hill Farmstead, repeatedly named "The Best Brewery in the World," to learn about the terroir of the beer.

Over the course of the weekend, we'll eat at some of the best farm-to-table restaurants in New England and enjoy cooking demos from area chefs. We'll also tour local grain farms and learn how New England's best bakers use heritage wheats and regional stone mills to make delicious, aromatic whole grain breads. And because bread tastes even better alongside artisanal cheeses, we'll tour the grounds at Jasper Hill Cellars, learn about their process, and enjoy a tasting of their award-winning cheeses.

See and taste Vermont as you never have before as we give you behind-the-scenes access to the passionate growers, millers and bakers powering the grain revival in this beautiful area of the northeast.


How to Get More Whole Grains

How Front-of-Pack Labeling Can Increase Whole Grain Intake

When nutrient profiling systems work well, they help guide shoppers toward products that contribute to an overall diet more closely aligned with dietary recommendations. However, not all nutrient profiling systems are created equal and many of them overlook whole grains entirely.


Why Not All Fiber is Created Equal

New research reveals how the fiber from whole grains may offer specific health benefits that can’t be replicated with fruits or vegetables alone.

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Whole Grains Around the World

From bulgur in Cyprus, to black rice in China, to amaranth in Mexico, whole grains are a gateway ingredient to a culinary journey around the world. By trying different whole grains, you can infuse global flavors and cultural identity into your meals. 

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Whole Grain Recipes for Warmer Days


Spring Salad with Farro and Strawberries

An Oldways recipe and photo


Lemon Bars with Tahini Cookie Crust

An Oldways recipe and photo

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