CHICAGO, Illinois, September 8, 2020--Long time restaurateur, Chef Didier declares, October 1st through the 4th, 2020, four days to celebrate great eating throughout the State of Illinois.

Chef Didier has received many food awards, including a 2007 Best Crusader Timeout Magazine award, a 2009 Chicago Tribune Dining award, a 2010 Tasting Table Champion, a 2014 Achievement of Excellence Award from the American Culinary Federation, as well as many other awards and accolades from the hospitality industry. 

The Hospitality Industry has taken a massive toll from all that has been happening with the pandemic, the riots and more. This is a special moment to celebrate and support all restaurants, cafes, bistros, and bakeries in the State of Illinois. This industry needs huge support more than ever as countless sets back are infringing on their survival.

Eateries of all shapes and forms can use the above Logo ( also posted on (see website link ) and present their best specials menu and incentive offers, to emphasize the fun, educational and emotional energy and happiness of eating out, carrying out, pick up or having a delivery.
This is modeled from France, where people of different ages, walks of life, ethnicity, gender and specially, children who train their taste buds would get together to celebrate “La Fête du Goût” - translation: “The Festival of Tastes”. 

I would like to focus that idea to support any business that provides food. They need you more than ever and they will have a lot of interest in reaching out to you in many different manners. 

Didier Durand
Executive Chef at Marchesa, Chicago Illinois

Chef Didier - 773-620-3986