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July 2017
Saturday, July 8, 2:00 pm, Aspen Grove

Local author Jim Flynn will discuss and sign his new book, A Compendium of Curious Colorado Place Names ($21.99 History Press), an interesting look into how some places in Colorado got their names and why. The origins of Colorado place names offer insightful glimpses into the state's formative years. Emanuel Saltiel named his new community along the Arkansas River Cotopaxi, after a volcano in Ecuador. Rifle Creek and the town of Rifle earned their names thanks to a rifle left behind along the banks of the creek. 
Tuesday, July 11, 12:30 pm, Colfax Avenue

Join Active Minds as we trace the rise and fall of the Age of the Vikings. We will describe their origins in Scandinavia and how they extended their reach into Europe, North America, and beyond. We will explain the culture and traditions of the Norse Warriors, including their distinctive horned helmets and unique ships. Finally, we will discuss their legacy in modern times (besides the football team). This program makes a great accompaniment to a visit to the Vikings program running at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science March 10th through August 13th, 2017.

Wednesday, July 12, 7:00 pm, Historic LoDo

David Baron, three-time winner of the annual journalism prize from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, will read from and sign American Eclipse: A Nation's Epic Race to Catch the Shadow of the Moon and Win the Glory of the World ($27.95 Liveright Publishing). American Eclipse animates the fierce jockeying that came to dominate late 19th-century American astronomy. With memorable accounts of train robberies and Indian skirmishes, Baron's page-turning drama refracts 19th-century science through the mythologized age of the Wild West, revealing a history no less fierce and fantastical.
Tuesday, July 25, 5:00 pm, Colfax Avenue

Nuclear power has a checkered history that includes the Chernobyl disaster, Three Mile Island, and the more recent incident after the earthquake in Japan. Advocates, however, point to advantages such as zero carbon emissions and cite the example of France, which produces over 75% of its electricity from nuclear power and is the world's largest exporter of electricity due to its very low cost of generation. Join Active Minds, over 30 years after Chernobyl and six years after the Japanese nuclear accidents, as we evaluate the pros and cons of this controversial source of power.

Wednesday, July 26, 6:30 pm wine sampling, 7:00 pm presentation, Colfax Avenue

Colorado author Christina Holbrook and photographer Marc Hoberman will discuss and sign their beautiful new book The Winelands of Colorado ($40.00 Gerald & Marc Hoberman Collection). In The Winelands of Colorado, the first major coffee-table book on this subject, you will meet winemakers growing grapes in vineyards at the highest elevation in the northern hemisphere, and stroll down the streets of downtown Palisade, the town those in the know refer to as "the next Sonoma." There are also inspired chefs, passionate hoteliers, intrepid farmers and a new generation of winemakers making no apologies about the unique style of wine they are developing in this rugged and beautiful land. 

This event is free, but registration is required. Click HERE to register.
Thursday, July 27, 7:00 pm, Colfax Avenue

Former U.S. Ambassador to Austria, Swanee Hunt, who currently chairs the Washington-based Institute for Inclusive Security, will read from and sign Rwandan Women Rising ($34.95 Duke University Press). In Rwandan Women Rising, Swanee Hunt shares the stories of some seventy women--heralded activists and unsung heroes alike--who overcame unfathomable brutality, unrecoverable loss, and unending challenges to rebuild Rwandan society.
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