Rush Fundraiser
Dear Tau Alumni and Parents,

We would like to update you on our progress as a rush team as we move into summer. We are excited about our opportunities to continue to build the Tau brotherhood and we are committed to giving our maximum effort during these crucial summer months. As always, we are grateful to those who continue to support and donate to the Tau Chapter. We have raised $14,950 to date. The current Rush 2019 contributors are:
Founders Level: $2,500
Rick Warren 

Diamond Level: $1,000
Unal Baysal 
Tito Beveridge
Baird Craft
Steve and Leah Ragiel

Platinum Level: $500
Reggie Tuck 
William Jackson 
Robert Kent 
Jay Chernosky 
Danny Grant 
John Sarvadi 
Ben Hood 
Preston Munster 

Gold Level: $250
Stephen Adger 
Loyd Wright 
William Mason 
Andrew Gray 
Robert Hopson 
Keith Harper 
Jay Lesok 
Melaney Derden 
Tim Herman 
Alan Feinsilver
Carole Warren 
Herbert Yates 
Richard Lucas 
Silver Level: $100+
Roy Beery III 
Roy Markum 
Wayne Bunch Jr 
U.S. Army Col. Wayne Marotto 
Bob "Daddy O" Wade 
Michael Hayes 
Jason McMillon
Philip “Cebe” Musgrave 
William Finnegan IV 
Steven Grubbs
William Boyce 

Bronze Level: $50
Kirk Vogeley

Donation Totals by City:

Houston: $9,050
Austin: $4,050
San Antonio: $750
Dallas: $1,600
Other: $500
We are also deeply indebted to Rob and Cathy Lippincott for their generosity in gifting meals to us at their restaurant,  Guero’s Taco Bar , throughout the rush season. 

If you would like to contribute to the Rush 2019 Fundraising Campaign,  please click here  to make your online donation. Or, if you would prefer to pay by check, please make it payable to Tau Kappa Sigma Rush and mail it to: 

Tau Kappa Sigma 
1002 West 26th Street
Austin, TX 78705
Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us, providing guidance and financial support. We value your time and commitment to our brotherhood very much. Here is an update from 2019 Rush Chair, Jake Kinnear. 

2019 Rush Update

Rush Team is off to a fantastic start this summer. As I have mentioned before, our goals are very ambitious as we want to secure the biggest and best pledge class in Tau Chapter history. We have our Houston and Dallas State events coming up on June 15 and June 29 respectively. If you have a prospective member please send his contact information to my email below, so that we can invite him to the events. I would like to thank all alumni, parents, and actives who have donated to Rush 2019. Your generous donations have allowed us to plan rush events throughout the summer, so please continue your support. Thank you again, and I hope everyone’s summer is off to a good start.


Marco Dizon ‘17
Spring GMC
(214) 206-5175

Eren Baysal ‘17
Fall GMC
(832) 922-0458

Jake Kinnear '17
Rush Chair

Austin Vincent
Rush Chair