Dear Tau Alumni and Kappa Sigma Parents,

Our 2020 rush season is off to a great start with the success of our Austin area alumni event on January 30. We were able to connect with a great group of alumni who were interested to hear our ideas for the upcoming spring and summer.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Rick Warren for hosting the Austin event at Warren Wildlife Gallery. Thank you, Rick, for your hospitality. We would also like to thank Bill Zwiener, John Ross, John Martin, Mitchell Howington, and Bob White for attending and supporting our efforts. And, we are deeply grateful to Tito Beveridge for meeting with several members of our executive committee to hear about our plans for this year's rush season.

With the success of the Austin event, we plan to make these alumni gatherings an annual tradition to bring the chapter and alumni closer together. With that being said, please note the upcoming event in Dallas:

Dallas Area Alumni Event
February 20, 6 PM
Winstead Building

We look forward to another successful event and especially to the opportunity to meet the alumni who will be attending. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at or (512) 550-3333.

Thank you for supporting Tau Kappa Sigma Rush 2020.
Tiernan J. Schindel
Tau Kappa Sigma Rush Fundraiser
1002 West 26th Street
Austin, TX 78705