“Daddy-O” Encourages Pledges to “Find a Role Model, Then Later Become One”
Tau Man honoree Bob “Daddy-O” Wade ’62 with Tau brothers Joe Longley ’63, Reggie Tuck ’69, and Hagen McMahon ’66. 

Renowned artist Bob “Daddy-O” Wade ’62, awarded Kappa Sigma UT Chapter’s highest honor as Tau Man of the Year 2017, was celebrated by more than 400 Kappa Sigs and guests at the Tau Trustee Reunion and Parents’ Weekend luncheon on November 11 at the Kappa Sigma Lodge.

Tau brothers Monk White ’60 and Joe Longley ’63 shared anecdotes of their adventures with Daddy-O during their college days and reflected on the deep bonds that remain between them today. Reggie Tuck ’69 spoke of the warm friendship he and Daddy-O have come to know in more recent years. 
Daddy-O, known for his charming irreverence, but also for his devotion to his Kappa Sig brothers, opened with words of appreciation for two Kappa Sigs who helped shape his destiny. 
 “I accept this extremely important award,” he said, “in honor of the guy from El Paso who sent me to the Kappa Sig House in 1961, John “Machine Gun” Kelley (who passed away recently), and Bob “Bull” Petit, who named me “Daddy-O.” 

Turning to the Tau Chapter pledges, he advised them to “Go after something with commitment, forge new paths, make your own way, but lean on your brothers for help and, in turn, help them.” 
After the award presentation, Daddy-O, along with several Kappa Sig collectors of his work, presented as a gift to the Tau Chapter his latest work, a painting entitled “Legendary Sigs,” now displayed in the Grand Room of the new Warren Residence Hall. 
Tito Beveridge ’81 and Daddy-O beside the new “Legendary Sigs” canvas now hanging in the Grand Room. The faces of Tito, the late Denton Cooley, MD, Jimmy Buffet and Robert Redford are featured in the painting.
A sculptor, painter and photographer, Daddy-O is best known for his oversized landmark sculptures. His 40-foot-tall cowboy boots that have stood proudly at the entrance of North Star Mall in San Antonio since 1980 are now documented as “the world’s largest pair of cowboy boots” in the Guinness World Records 2016 edition. He created the boots in Washington, D.C. in 1979, in a vacant lot just three blocks from the White House that was provided as a work space to a select group of sculptors. 
Daddy-O with daughter Rachel and wife Lisa.
He earned a BFA from UT Austin and an MA from the University of California at Berkeley. He has produced three books, with a fourth to be published soon, and has received three NEA grants. His work has been exhibited in Biennials in Paris, France; the Whitney Museum of Art in New York; and New Orleans, LA.

He lives in Austin with his wife, Lisa. Their daughter, Rachel, graduated from the College of Fine Arts at UT Austin and is also an artist. His oldest daughter, Christine, lives in San Diego and has three children.