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November 8, 2019
Nathan's Notebook: "Relying on our youth to change the world."
Celebrating Change
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Dear Tavor Family,

My name is Nathan Wojcik and I joined the Camp Tavor community in 2010 as a chanichol (camper). More recently I've contributed to the Camp Tavor community by working as a madrichol (counselor) and a mashatz (unit head). I've written a weekly summer blog (see above photo) to share stories from machaneh (camp) and helped keep the magic of Tavor alive during the school year through ken programming in Ann Arbor for the past four years. Today, I am hoping that you'll join me in supporting Camp Tavor, by making a contribution to our one-of-a-kind community.

In a world of increased uncertainty, Tavor provides opportunities for young people to grow into leaders uniquely capable of taking on responsibility for both our camp community and the broader world. We are increasingly relying on our youth to shape the world. At Camp Tavor, our chanichimot envision a just and peaceful future and acquire the tools to create that future. 
Maintaining the idealism and courage required to change the world is challenging. Thankfully, at Tavor we don’t do this work alone. The greatest gift of the Tavor experience is that of kvutzah (group), which we understand to mean the group of friends with whom we work to build a more just and peaceful world. While at Tavor, your kvutzah is often just the people your age, but I'm now seeing – as I begin to prepare for life after Tavor – that the entire Tavor alum community is one giant, multi-generational kvutzah . And I can also see already that this kvutzah is working together to make a better world. 

A big part of being a member of this great Tavor kvutzah is practicing kupah - sharing what we can and taking what we need. Last year we saw kupah in action, as the Tavor community provided $64,000 in scholarships and grants to chanichimot. We know we are all differently situated to give of our time, our talent, and financial gifts. I hope you'll join me in giving what you can to give our children the tools they need to change the world.  
Celebrating Change
As we watch the passing of summer into fall, this season has brought another big change to Camp Tavor.
After 5-years serving as Camp Tavor Board Chair, Ronna Ness-Cohn is stepping down and handing the reigns to Todd Hasak-Lowy.
Ronna Ness-Cohn
Workshop 28, 1978
Thank you Camp Tavor
by Ronna Ness-Cohn
I fell in love with Tavor in chotrim in 1972. My long association with Tavor has enriched my life in enumerable ways.

I’ve been heard to say that everything I needed to know in life, I learned at Tavor or in Habonim Dror programs.
I credit my leadership skills, my collaborative problem solving, my team building strategies, my sense of group dynamics, my critical Jewish thinking, and more, to the youth-centered leadership and youth-led culture and values instilled at Tavor.

My service on the board was an important and FUN way to have a small part in enabling the next generation. 

I can’t be happier and more confident than to hand off the board leadership to our new chair, Todd Hasak-Lowy. Todd has a long history with Tavor and a deep commitment to our shared values. I plan to continue to work with the camp committee to support Todd and the team however I can. 
Message from the New Board Chair
by Todd Hasak-Lowy
I started going to Tavor in 1979 and didn't leave until I ran out of roles to fill in 1992. These were the happiest summers of my life.

Tavor introduced me to some of my best friends to this day, taught me how to lead, and showed me that I had more potential than I ever would have suspected otherwise. 
My wife and I sent our two daughters, Ariel and Noam, to Tavor, and I was delighted to see that all these years later Tavor remains the magical place I remember, a place where young people create a nurturing, empowering, idealistic community. 

It's for this reason that I'm working for Tavor again--to ensure that future generations can continue to experience all that this wonderful place has to offer.
Honor and Legacy
During our Annual Board Fall Retreat at Camp Tavor we planted a tree in honor of Ronna Ness-Cohn's time and service to Camp Tavor.

This beautiful Silver Maple will serve as a legacy from one generation to the next.
Blog All About It
Fall Tzedek Seminar 2019
by Jonah Botkin, Bogrimot 2019
" It was amazing to get to see what can be possible if people know how systems of power work and can organize enough people for their movement to succeed."

We're inviting any chanichimot, past or present to write up a blog post about how their implementing the lessons learned at camp in their everyday lives.

Email your stories by clicking here: BLOG ALL ABOUT IT !
Thank You Donors
We would like to take a moment and thank all those who donated to Camp Tavor. We thank you for your continued generosity.
Lior Appel-Lraut
Margo Pernick
Alix Gould-Werth
Shoshana Grode
Josh Orenstein
Nesher Asner
Carrie Bank
Elizabeth Fromstein
Deborah Feldman
Paul Gross
Michal & Craig Golden
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