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An Introduction from Amit
Rosh Report: Guide to Visitor's Day
Shosh's Tales from Tiyul
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An Introduction from Amit
Shabbat Shalom!
Greetings, Camp Tavor Families! 

We've had an extraordinary week of adventure here at Camp Tavor, with every schavot (age group) heading out on staggered tiyulim (overnight camping trips). 

On tiyul, we aim to create opportunities for your children to build skills, community and confidence. My own childhood camping experiences have taught me that developing confidence camping at a young age will build a critical foundation for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and environmental stewardship.

Upon their return home from camp, we hope you can share with your campers about their tiyul experience and then build upon these formative experiences by exploring the outdoors together. 

Shabbat Shalom, 

Amit Weitzer, Executive Director

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Rosh Report: Guide to Visitor's Day
Welcome Tavor families!

We have had an incredible two weeks of camp, full of learning, exploration, and adventures (both in and out of camp).

This past week, all of the shchavot (age groups) went on individual  tiyulim (camping trips) all over the Michiana area (see Shosh’s “tiyul report”).

I was lucky enough to participate in the Garinimot (entering 9th grade) Tiyul. We went to Van Buren State Park and biked into our campsite. It was such a privilege to watch our chanichimot (campers) and their tzevet (staff) work together to find comfort in an unfamiliar space, to challenge themselves, to take risks, and be open to new adventures.

For so many of us, Tavor is really like a second home in every sense. Tiyul is a unique experience, because although we spend almost all of our summers outside, leaving the comfort of our second home means we must find a home in one another. I am grateful to everyone at Tavor for choosing to take on that challenge.

This coming Sunday is Visitor’s day, which gives us the opportunity to show off our home away from home.

Here is a timeline of events you need to be aware of:

1:00  Welcome, visitors! Picnic lunch with your family.
2:15   Introductions and song!
2:45  Lefi Shichvah Time (time by age group) Get to know your camper’s madrichimot (counselors) and friends, while learning about their experience.
3:30 - 4:00  Taste of Machaneh: Feel free to visit your chanichol’s (camper’s) ohel/tzrif (tent/cabin), the chava (farm), the beit omanut (art room), the cheder musika (music room), or take a tour of Tavor’s trails!
3:30 - 4:30  Swimming and Boating at the chof (beach)! 

A reminder that Visitor's day will end at 5 PM. We look forward to seeing you and thank you for sharing your amazing people with us.

See you soon!

Zoe Friedland, 2018 Rosh
Shosh's Tales from Tiyul
Each week we will start with a word from some of the staff. A little introduction of who we with some insight and observations from our summer leadership!
Shabbat Shalom! My name is Shoshana (Shosh) Grode, Techni (Operations Director). Part of my job this summer is helping to plan and organize the tiyullim.

What an amazing first session it has been! There have been just enough breaks in the rain to give our chanichimot a great time on tiyul.

Here is a quick rundown of who got to go where… and what they did when they got there!


The bonimot went to Warren Dunes State Park along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan.

We went on three separate hikes; including one through the woods, which you can imagine was very muddy after all the recent rains. But the kids enjoyed taking their shoes off and walking through the mud.

Later we had dinner and smores by the campfire.

The kids had a mini medurah (talent show) and sang some kumzits.

The next day we woke up, packed up, and hiked to the beach were we spent the day swimming and climbing up dunes.
The garanimot started their tiyul in South Haven, MI. They rented bikes and rode to their campsite. We had a little lunch before taking a hike on some dunes.

 Together we sat on the beach and watched the sun set before also having dinner and smores by the camp fire.

It was perfect weather and when we woke up we got in one last bike ride and a hike along the beach before heading back to camp.

So this one started out a little soggy, so it was a good thing our first stop was in doors. We headed to downtown Kalamazoo to do a little indoor rock climbing at Climb Kalamazoo! It was an amazing time and just enough time to let the weather pass as we made our way to Yankee Springs State Park, MI.

More of this trip is a little hush hush as they spent a great deal of time discussing BoCoup, the day where they get to take over the camp!

A nice dinner was had by all with smores by the campfire, of course. They also put on a medurah.

This session the chotrimot traveled to Indiana Dunes State Park along with Amit.

They lucked out, leaving the rain behind! They ended up with perfect weather for a hike through the forest to the shore of Lake Michigan.

Amit says they also worked on their birding skills during a workshop at the park Visitor Center. She says one of the highlights of the trip was while walking along Lake Michigan, a chanichol (camper) asked her "Can we do Tiyul every week?". 

(yes, we're pretty sure smores were eaten at some point)

The amelimot spent their tiyul on the battlegrounds. Sort of. They traveled to Fort Custer Recreation Area near Battle Creek, MI.

A former WWII training ground, it's now home to amazing hiking trails and that's just what they did!

They hiked to their campsite where they had some lunch and explored.

That night there was dinner and smores around the campfire, not to mention a little show before bedtime.

In the morning they drove to the beach and got some swimming done before heading back to camp.

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Avodah in Action
Each week we'll take a quick look at the kinds of avodah (work)
the chanichimot (campers) are up to and what we can expect in the future.
There was a bit of an avodah shakeup this week as campers headed out on tiyul. Of course, while each half of camp was gone, some chanichimot had to do new and different jobs!
The kids who typically work during avodah (work time) to prepare our meals were met with a less appetizing responsibility... cleaning the bathrooms!
Beit Omanut (art) got their hands dirty this week— but not with paint!
They joined the chava to take care of our blossoming peppers, squash and tomatoes as well as our new pair of goats!
Toranut Boker this week was joined by The Honey Suckle Destroyers who had to
take a break from their environmental quest to help clean the dishes!
A Tzevet Story
Each week we will profile one or two of the Tzevet (staff)
so you can get to know them better, learn how they came to camp and why.
Adam Rubinberg
Name: Adam Rubinberg
Pronouns: Him/He/His
Age: 21
Hometown: Skokie, IL
Year at Tavor: 7

What is your job at Tavor? Driver, Rosh Machsan

What is one activity you are sharing with campers? I will be teaching chanichimot about games like chess and ultimate frisbee during zman chadash, which I am really looking forward to.

How did you first come to/hear about Tavor? My mom went to Tavor in the 80's and she sent me here in the summer of 2008.

What is your favorite memory of camp? My favorite memories are about rikkud on Friday nights, and continues to be my favorite part of camp.

What’s your favorite part of camp?  Camp has become a second home for me.

Last but not least, most importantly: Is cereal a soup? As a self-proclaimed soup enthusiast; ABSOLUTELY NOT!
Katrina Young
Name: Katrina Young
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Age: 20
Hometown: Kensington, MD

What is your job at Tavor? Tiyul Specialist, I help plan the trips.

What is one activity you are sharing with campers? TIYULIM, of course! I really enjoy sharing those special moments away from camp and bonding with the chanichimot (campers).

How did you first come to/hear about Tavor? I am a legacy, my mom went to Machaneh Moshava. So I know the movement Habonim Dror. My cousins came here to Camp Tavor and I was so excited when I started camp in 2009.

What is your favorite memory of camp? My favorite part is Shabbat, specifically havdallah. I really like listening to relaxing music and laying in the grass with friends.

What’s your favorite part of camp? I really do love all of it. I have so many wonderful and silly memories it's too hard to just pick one.

Last but not least, most importantly: Is cereal a soup? I ask you, is coffee a soup?
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