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May 10, 2019
Honoring A Tavor Grandmother, Mimi Nuemark
Thank you to Our Donors
May 19th Potluck Picnics
Come Back to Camp!
Randy Reminders
Camp Congratulations
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Shabbat Shalom
Honoring A Camp Tavor Grandmother
Noey Neumark, Maya Sztainer, Mimi Neumark, Eitan Neumark
Top photo circa 2003 / Bottom photo circa 2008
Tribute to Mimi Neumark by Noey Nuemark
She would sit on the  kikar  on Visitors Day, surrounded by a constant, rotating group of people, all sneaking bites of the enviable spread of fresh fruit, honey cake, melted together chocolates and sour straws and whatever else the grandkids requested, and don’t forget the deviled eggs!

A Thank You to Donors
We would like to take a moment to thank all those who donated to Camp Tavor in April.

You're generosity works to ensure Camp Tavor's uniquely empowering and trans-formative summer camp experience can remain accessible to as many families as possible.

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Help us make a difference in a child's life
May 19th Potluck Picnics
Come Back to Camp
May 24th - 26th
Hey Chevre,
Remember chalutz, construction, pre-con, or even MAY? 

Those moments at Tavor before the chanichim arrived, you know: distributing fire extinguishers, working in the chavah, waking up to a big board... desperately begging your buddy to do something, anything, and then being pleasantly surprised when they show up at the exact right time with the exact right meal?
That is what work weekend is all about: Getting together with Tavornicks and crossing things off the big board- beautification, tree planting, and some cleaning.

Hope to see you there~ Arise and build! 

Oren Brandvain
Camp Tavor Camp Committee
Facilities, Tribute Grove
Randy Reminders
The days are counting down and we couldn't be more excited!

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10th Annual Tour L'Tavor
We're excited to share new information with you about the
10th Annual Tour L'Tavor!
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Friday, August 9 -
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Camp Congratulations
A Look Around Camp
Thank you again to Matthew Mosher for helping us with this month's
 look around camp!