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November 9, 2018
An Introduction from Amit
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An Introduction from Amit
Shabbat Shalom!
As we continue to reflect on and heal from the heartbreaking events in Pittsburgh, Jeffersontown, and Thousand Oaks, I am thinking of Dr. Martin Luther King’s words:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

While the days grow darker and colder and we may feel further away from the brightness of summer, I am hoping we can channel the warmth, strength and creativity of our times along Lake Kaiser and focus on bringing more light and love into our families, our communities and our world.

Here at Tavor, we’re entering winter committed to bringing more light and love into our 2019 programs and look so forward to you joining us as we work to brighten the world, one song, one peaulah (activity), and one inspired and empowered chanichol (camper) at a time.

With light and love,

Amit Weitzer, Executive Director
Support Camp Tavor's Scholarship Fund
My name is Hannah Chonkan-Urow and I’ve been a part of our Camp Tavor community since 2008, most recently as a member of Tavor Tzevet (staff) 2018.

This past summer, our tzevet donated a portion of our tzevet kupah (collective, voluntary deductions from our paychecks that we contribute to a communal fund to be used on our time off) to the Tavor and Workshop scholarship funds. From our days in Amelimot through our time on tzevet, kupah continues to be a symbol of taking responsibility for our Tavor community, and our greater world.

As alumni and tzevet, we understand the phenomenal joy and sense of responsibility for tikkun olam that’s created at camp. We support the Tavor scholarship fund because we are committed to sharing that joy and responsibility with this next generation of Jewish youth. I am proud to have championed the decision to donate a portion of our kupah to Tavor’s scholarship fund because I understand the power of a scholarship gift.

A gift from the Tavor scholarship fund helped make it possible for me to build on my transformational years as a Tavor chanicha (camper) and participate in the Habonim Dror North America Workshop program. My Camp Tavor and Workshop experiences have been fundamental in forming my Jewish identity and pushed me to work towards justice and peace in our increasingly complicated world. The Tavor community is the most engaging, loving, and inspiring community I have ever known, and I want to ensure that the Tavor experience is accessible to as many young people as possible.

Please join me and Tzevet Tavor 2018 in our effort to grow and inspire a whole new generation of Jewish youth by making a gift to Camp Tavor.
Rosh Report: A Word from Naomi
Hello Tavor Friends & Families
As you may know by now, I will be Rosh Tavor 2019! My name is Naomi Goldman-Nagel, I use she/her pronouns, I’m originally from Madison, Wisconsin but I go to school in Portland, Oregon, my favorite sport is soccer, I love dogs, I have webbed
toes, but chanchimot (campers) still do the Lake Swim faster than I. My favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road.

My time at Tavor dates back to 2007 when I started at Tavor in Chotrimot (going into 6th grade). The bus-ride to machaneh overwhelmed me, and I remember I stared at the window and worried how lonely my next few weeks could be.

But…. then it got better. On the first day of Machaneh in 2007, after our grilled cheese and tomato soup, we all reported back to our ohelim (tents) to unpack and set up our beds. Somehow I tangled myself in my mosquito netting and shyly asked the other girls in my ohel for help. Everyone scampered to my rescue. Together, we unraveled me and then began to tie our nets up. Each one of us held a corner, tied the string, and passed the scissors around in our circle. Aside from a few giggles, we were mostly quiet. But even on that very first day, we chose to help each other feel comfortable at Tavor.

Since Day 1, Tavor empowered me to practice radical inclusivity. At Tavor, I participated in creative educational activities and learned the values of the Habonim Dror. In college, I’ve brought a social justice lens to the Jewish community on campus, and I relish in the power of the youth!

This summer, I hope to continue in Tavor fashion to foster an inclusive Jewish community, based on our social justice values. I’m excited to help build new leaders! I hope chanichimot and tzevet feel empowered by Tavor and work toward a community where everyone feels heard, validated and respected.

Thanks and I look forward to another summer at Tavor!

Naomi, Rosh 2019

Programming Note from Zoe
This past month has been a busy one! I spent the weekend learning and connecting with other Bonimot Tzedek coordinators at the annual Habonim Dror Camping Association Kennes.

A unique opportunity for us to meet with all current leaders of the movement, camping professionals, and representatives from all the Habonim camps in North America.
Now, I am back in my home town and gearing up for our first Bonimot Tzedek activity this Sunday, November 11th.

We will be having our first conference call at 4 PM CST/ 5 PM EST.

Registration for Bonimot Tzedek is open. You can sign up through your campers application in CampInTouch by following *this link* or by clicking the button below!

Remember to sign up and we will contact YOU with the information about the call on Sunday, November 11th
Randy Reminders
Don't Lay Down on the Job!
Registration for Summer 2019 is open right now !
We would love to have you back and now is the time! Register for camp today for the early bird discount!

If you have any questions about registering for the SUMMER 2019 contact Randy at
Be A Camp Ambassador

We love Camp Tavor and know you do to! Help us spread the word. We are able to provide $100 tuition credit to any family that hosts a Tavor information session or gathering. You could earn even more discounts for every new camper that registers.

Contact for more information or to get started!
Let's Make A Date
We have a plan for you!
We are happy to announce that we have dates for all your favorite
pre and post camp activities!
Mark these dates in your calendar!

Spring Seminar, April 12-14th
Alumni Work Weekend, May 24-27th
Family Camp, August 9-11th
Registration for Family Camp is open right now and we would love to see you there!

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Camp Congratulations
A Look Around Camp
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Upcoming Events
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WHO: HDNA members 10th grade & older
WHEN: Dec. 26-31, 2018
WHERE: Poconos Environmental Education Center, Dingman’s Ferry, Pennsylvania
COST: $450 USD for Americans, $350 USD for Canadians
Come to the Camp Fair in Cleveland and learn more about Camp Tavor!