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October 12, 2018
An Introduction from Amit
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An Introduction from Amit
Shabbat Shalom!
The changing fall colors mark the beginning of a new program year for Camp Tavor. As we dig in to our planning for our newest initiatives (Bonimot Tzdek, 5 Week Bogrimot) and begin building the 2019 Mazkirut (summer leadership team), we could not be more thrilled to be starting our year with the support and partnership of our newest Camp Committee members:

Maya Friedman
Maya Friedman started Tavor in 1987. That was when we had “Younger, Younger Amilem.” Maya currently works for The Board of Jewish Education of Metropolitan Chicago as an educator and is excited to have more Tavor time in her life as well as continue to share information on our beloved machane (camp).

Hannah Chonkan-Urow
Hannah’s first summer at Tavor was in Amelimot 2008. She went on Workshop 66 and has been working on Tzevet since 2016. She is excited to continue cultivating the radical, beautiful and inspirational summers at Tavor through her work on the Camp Committee.

Danya Shapiro
Danya started at Tavor as a chanicha in 1991 and continued through being on tzevet and as Rosh Machaneh in 2003. She continued in Habonim as the Gizbarit (finance director) in the Central office for two years before moving to Israel to work for Habonim Dror in Israel. Danya currently works as the Family Program Manager for jHUB in Cleveland, OH. She is super excited to join the Camp Committee and dedicated to a Cleveland presence at Tavor again.

Natan Zekic
Natan Zekic's first year at Tavor was when he was in Chotrimot Aleph *way back* in 2011. A few months ago, Natan finished his first summer on tzevet, during which he worked in the mitbach (kitchen). He decided to join the Camp Committee to learn more about camp and work throughout the year to support Tavor’s mission. 

Talia Yaari
Talia’s first summer at Tavor was in 2007, but she has been a part of the Tavor community her entire life, attending ken events with her older siblings before she was old enough to come to machaneh (camp). Last year she was a part of HDNA’s 67th Workshop or gap year in Israel, and she is now a freshman at the University of Michigan where she helps run the Ann Arbor ken. She is so excited about joining camp committee because it will allow her to take responsibility over machaneh in a new way.

Itamar Steiner
There is no way to fully repay Tavor for all it has accomplished in shaping and educating Itamar Steiner (E.T.), but joining Camp Committee is a good place to start. Itamar worked as a madrichol (counselor) at Camp Tavor in 2018 and is a college student at the University of Illinois. He joined the Camp Committee because he believes that representation by those who participate in the evolving, one of a kind culture that exists at Tavor is so important. Itamar comes from a "family of Habo's" which includes both of his parents, his sisters, his uncle, and his cousins! Some call him a neat freak, but they forget that he spends his summers in nature. Well sort of...


The Camp Tavor Camp Committee is a spirited group of enthusiastic volunteers who work to ensure that Camp Tavor is a wonderfully nourishing and empowering experience for our children. Our Camp Committee members – driven by love for the Tavor experience – give of their time and talent to support our Tzevet and year-round staff in their work supporting the Camp Tavor mission.

I hope you’ll consider joining these extraordinary volunteers through work on one of our many subcommittees or consider a donation in honor of their joining the Camp Committee. If you'd like to learn more about getting involved in Camp Tavor lay leadership, please contact Ronna Ness-Cohn at

I look so forward to working with these new members in our work to empower young people to dream and build a more just and peaceful future.

Shabbat Shalom,

Amit Weitzer
Executive Director
Click HERE to learn more about the year-round staff
(Photo pictured left to right): Amy Schiffman, Todd Hasak-Lowy, Jules Pomerantz, Talia Yaari, Aaron Kaiser, Joel Winograd, Yaniv Schiff, Natan Zekic, Sarah Okin, Josh Orenstein, Amit Weitzer, Oren Brandvain, Michael Appel, Ronna Ness-Cohn, Alan Greenthal, Randy Lubratich
(board members not pictured: Matthew Hollander, Mira Sussman, Maya Friedman, Danya Shapiro, Avram Kluger)
Camp Tavor Board
The board was united earlier this month to put together a new plan for 2019.

A big thank you to Amy Schiffman, Co-Founder & Principal of Giving Tree Associates , for her direction and guidance.

The board is feeling re-energized and ready for another amazing year at Camp Tavor.
Serving on the Camp Tavor Board is more than just a job, it is a labor of love and a near life-long commitment for some who have shared their lives with Camp Tavor.

Truer words could not be said of two members who have stepped down this year, Aaron Kaiser and Avram Kluger.

Avram Kluger has been a member of the Habonim family for more than 30+ years. "My years with Habonim and Tavor have been a very rewarding experience," he says, it even inspired him to live in Israel for a time.

Kluger has been a board member since 2011, most recently serving as one of its Vice Presidents.
Workshop 20, 1970
Photo provided by Aaron Kaiser
Camp Tavor 1971/1972
Photo provided by Aaron Kaiser
Aaron Kaiser was introduced to Habonim in 1966 in Chicago and had his first Habonim camping experience in 1969.

The following summer he was a Madrich (counselor) at Tavor. 
After attending Workshop 20, he spent two years at Tavor as waterfront director.

In 1986 Aaron returned as a Facilities advisor and supervised the construction of our swimming pool, he also joined the camp committee.
In these past years he has been Chair of the Facilities Committee, Chair of the Scholarship Committee, held the position of Secretary, and Vice President.

“The reason I have remained on the Camp Committee for such a long time (32 years roughly) is my belief that an intense youth empowering summer experience is extremely important for Jewish youth.” Says Aaron, “Habonim-Dror does this job extremely well, and I wanted to be able to facilitate this experience for tomorrow's Jewish leaders.”

While Aaron and Avram will no longer be serving actively on the camp committee both have committed to the continued growth of our beloved community.
Programming Note from Zoe
As we move into fall, I have been gearing up to bring the Bonimot Tzedek program to life. I am profoundly honored to be able to bring this to our community and I can’t wait to see where it goes!

Fall seminar was a fantastic opportunity for us to share the tzedek program with eligible campers. We are so looking forward to building on our summer programming with year-round opportunities to build critical leadership and organizing skills, while making an impact on our home communities.

Here is a little bit of The Who/What/When/Where:

  • TZEDEK is designed to create opportunities for 9th-11th graders to develop extensive leadership skills, as well as initiative and a sense of responsibility towards justice and community. It guides participants in applying these skills with passion and commitment - as educators and mentors within Camp Tavor programs, as well as in their individual pursuits and in the roles they will take as community leaders, organizers and changemakers. TZEDEK addresses three main areas through learning and hands-on experience:
  • Social Justice Education Rooted in Judaism
  • Leadership Development and Hadracha (Educational Leadership)
  • Organizing and Social Action

  • WHO?
  • Jewish youth from the Tavor community (and their friends!) in grades 9-11
  • WHERE?
  • Tzedek is currently centered around two main hubs: Chicago and Ann Arbor/Detroit. These are the places where we are cultivating organizational partnerships. Don’t worry! If you do not live in one of these areas, there will be other ways to participate in our programming!
  • WHEN?
  • Starting in January, Tzedek will be run bi-monthly, with additional programming including online peulot (workshops) and one seminar (weekend long event).
  • One event a month will be centered around the role of partnership and learning from our organizational partners.
  • One event will be in partnership with our ken programs
  • Online peulot (workshops) will be run every other month for all participants throughout the midwest
  • Spring seminar will be held April 12-14 at the Congregation of Moses in Kalamazoo! Save the Date now! Registration will be available shortly.
  • In the coming weeks, I will be reaching out to our high school campers and their families to talk more about this exciting new program and how to register.

I am looking forward to connecting with you.

Zoe Friedland
Bonimot Tzedek Coordinator

Special Happenings
Fall Seminar
Talking, dancing, and a whole lot of laughing as our chanichimot came together just last weekend for Fall Seminar.

Open to those in Bonimot and older it is a wonderful opportunity to bond and share some time with each other before winter sets in.

It was so nice to share meals, and conversation among friends and to celebrate Shabbat with our machaneh family.

And it was amazing watching everyone during Rikkudi Am (Israeli Dancing) move in such unity!

Thank you for sharing this special time with us! We hope to see you again in Summer 2019!
Honoring Matt Page

Earlier this month we gathered to honor Matt Page.

After many years as groundskeeper at Camp Tavor, he is retiring.

In his honor we have planted this Tri-colored Beech tree.

We know it will grow strong and watch over the camp as Matt has done for so long.

Thank you Matt Page for all you have done for so many years.
Randy Reminders
It's truly amazing to see the change of fall happen right before our eyes! As the seasons change one thing we know remains constant... our love for Camp Tavor!

Registration for Summer 2019 is open right now ! Sign up before NOVEMBER 1ST and you'll pay early bird prices, as well as collect the new stainless steel Camp Tavor water bottles!

A big hit at Fall Sem! (a big thank you to our models)

If you have any questions about registering for the SUMMER 2019 contact Randy at

If you're planning to buy any new camp supplies on-line, you could help to support Camp Tavor!

If you shop through Amazon, go to AmazonSmile instead. Your account will pop up automatically.

Add Camp Tavor as the charity you are supporting, and we will receive a donation of a percentage of the cost of your purchase.

It's that easy to help make a difference and support the future of Camp Tavor.
Camp Congratulations
Tasting Tavor

Why trick when you can treat!
This Halloween have a little fun with your challah!

Try not one, but two Halloween Challot filled with chocolaty goodness! (don't forget the sprinkles)

A Look Around Camp
Just a reminder that we want to hear from you! Send us your celebrations, holidays, news of the day big or small! We're hoping you'll continue to share your stories with your Tavor family all year long! Send your family news and photos to
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